Protecting the older population from the threat of coronavirus

Protecting the older population from the threat of coronavirus
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What are we doing to protect the older population from the threat of coronavirus and other dangerous infectious diseases? The Soapy hygiene micro-station may be the answer.

With the emergence of coronavirus (COVID-19), the WHO, along with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and multiple other internationally recognised health organisations have stressed the importance of frequent, correct hand washing as the most reliable preventative measure against infection. Here, Soapy offers the first ever AI-enhanced, IoT-connected, eco-friendly hygiene micro-station, helping consumers to wash hands effectively according to standards set by the WHO.

Coronavirus and the older population

As of early March 2020, over 125,000 people are now infected with coronavirus, with 11% of those cases deemed to be ‘critical’ or ‘serious’. But the simple act of washing hands with soap works against coronavirus on two fronts; breaking the lipid case around the virus (crippling its ability to infect) and making hands slippery so that germs can be easily washed away.

Nevertheless, coronavirus carries an increased danger for the elderly and those whose body is weakened by chronic diseases. There are almost no elderly people without chronic illnesses, so patients in nursing homes are doubly vulnerable.

Moreover, the staff in contact with the elderly i.e. from nursing homes, have become one of the most active distribution channels for coronavirus. With roles requiring travelling from one nursing home to another, and travelling to less isolated locations where the elderly are exposed to possible infection, essentially will bring the infection to work.

The risks

The statistics detailed below, from Soapy, highlight the probability of dying from coronavirus:

  • For 60-69 year olds – 3.6%
  • For 70-79 year olds – 8%
  • Elderly people aged 80+ are at the greatest risk, for them the probability of dying (in case they catch the coronavirus) is 22%.

In addition, people with pre-existing conditions such as respiratory system diseases, cardiovascular system diseases and diabetes are at a higher risk than healthy people. But it is precisely in old age that these complications are particularly prevalent.

What is Soapy doing to help?

Nursing homes and those having regular contact with the elderly population need to adapt new realities, and this is where Soapy provides assistance.

Soapy offers a unique solution for monitoring the hygiene of staff and patients. Their smart micro-station for washing hands, provides the right amount of water and reagents for washing hands and enables washing without touching a faucet.

Soapy hygiene microstations take the guesswork out of washing hands, making sure that users get a clean and effective wash with every use, and thereby avoid preventable illnesses.

The micro-station also helps in ensuring that the hand-washing is performed correctly every time.

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