PURE5 cannabis extraction: what’s the lowdown on ‘The Low Low’?

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Welcome to the technical blog based on the botanical extraction process, the PBX STANDARD established by PURE5 Extraction.

Recreating nature’s goodness in highly concentrated oils can only be achieved using low pressure and low temperature. So, since we’re as clever as we are, we decided to name our blog, The Low Low, in honour of the almighty low pressure, low temperature process we impart upon nature’s bounty.

PURE5 cannabis extraction

“Why is this such a big deal”, you ask?

PURE5’s low-pressure, low-temperature reactor extracts the nectar from specially sourced botanicals via a non-destructive process delivering medicinal quality outputs.

These hemp-derived outputs include: dry flower full spectrum oil, fresh flower live resin oil, and terpene oil are foundational to cannabinoid and terpene based products, which is why the process for how we create our oils is integral to your overall understanding, and because it’s the truth!

The low-pressure, low-temperature methodology and the role it plays in the overall extraction process (full spectrum oil and terpene oil) is a clear scientific differentiator between the products we manufacture and sell, and everyone else. Again, we nicknamed our blog in honour of this; the bronze statue is being sculpted at this moment.

Your journey with PURE5

If you are a new customer, welcome! We’re confident that the PURE5 difference will have a resounding effect on your experience and journey, wherever you are along your way… Share with us on social or write a comment to our blog postings, we want to hear from you.

In closing, check back periodically for new content from PURE5. There’s much to share and work through together. We see it as a parallel duty to provide educational insight and a unique perspective into the mystique of our botanical extraction process and how that correlates with an experience that will redefine your journey.

For enquiries please contact:

George Stantchev, PhD
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