Quantifying balance problems to enhance human neuro performance

This latest eBook from Ainone takes a fascinating delve into the impacts of balance problems on human neuro performance, elucidating how their cutting-edge Ainone Balance technology can accurately diagnose these issues.

Ainone was founded in 2016 by Matti Vartiainen (Physiotherapist, MSc, PhD) in an effort to provide health professionals with a sophisticated method of evaluating human neuro performance. During the early years of his profession, Matti became frustrated at lacking the proper technology to assess and diagnose balance problems in his patients. To overcome this issue, his company pioneered Ainone Balance – industry-leading technology proficient in evaluating the human balance system – providing healthcare professionals and patients with unprecedented insights into their condition.

Wider impacts of balance problems

Balance problems are indicative of a vast plethora of medical conditions, ranging from sports injuries to neurological diseases, meaning that efficient intervention with accurate balance measurement and assessment can help develop interventions to mitigate their effects. Neurological health is essential to human performance, regulating all of the body’s vital functions; balance is key to gauging any potential issues, as balance is coordinated via different brain areas.

Balance problems can be associated with ageing or illness, signifying a multitude of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and can be a sign of an increased risk of falling. Additionally, measuring balance problems can assist in evaluating an athlete’s rehabilitation from a sports injury, illustrating their functional performance following a lower limb injury or concussion.

Ainone Balance

Ainone balance is a mobile application that can attain a precise balance measurement and can be used anywhere, anytime. The application, which received ISO 13485 quality certification in 2020, is quick and straightforward to use and is validated against the HUR Balance Trainer, and has demonstrated robust reliability.

The technology provides an in-depth fall-risk evaluation, supporting objecting balance assessment, and is designed for healthcare, social, and sports professionals to detect balance problems and issues in human functioning.


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