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Preventing malnutrition and dehydration in older adults

Dr Anne Holdoway stresses why preventing malnutrition and dehydration among the elderly should be an integral part of patient-centred care. As we age, our daily...

The pharmaceutical industry’s response to COVID-19

Nathalie Moll, Director General of the EFPIA, discusses the changes the pharmaceutical industry has implemented to support the healthcare sector through COVID-19. The European Federation...
diabetes care

Diabetes care needs to be accessible and affordable

Todd Boudreaux, from Beyond Type 1, discusses the significant disparities in access to medication and care for diabetes patients. It is estimated that approximately 463...

Behind the mask: examining the evolution and rise of PPE

Alison Margary, British Occupational Hygiene Society, explains why the pandemic's use of PPE should make us re-evaluate disease prevention. COVID-19 has introduced the acronym PPE...

The power of app-based data collection in our response to COVID-19

Katrina Delargy, of TIYGA Health, explains how app-based data collection can enhance research and public awareness surrounding COVID-19. The past year has seen unprecedented changes...

Innovations in hydrogel technology are transforming wound care

Using revolutionary technology, hydrogel wound care can help prevent unnecessary infection and heal wounds before they become chronic. The benefits of employing antimicrobial peptides in...

How can nanofibers aid successful wound healing?

Dr Shahin Homaeigohar speaks to Health Europa Quarterly (HEQ) about the wound healing potential of nanofibrous dressings. The management and treatment of wounds has become...

Improving care for pulmonary hypertension patients

Lorna Malkin, Editor of Health Europa Quarterly, spoke to PHA Europe about the management and treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a rare...

Mona: The AI bedside assistant helping to improve ICU care

Mona is an AI device that acts as a bedside assistant in intensive care units to help reduce administration and improve patient care. As hospitals...

Investments in innovation to transform the healthcare sector

Matthias Kroymayer, from MIG Funds, explains how the company is investing in a new future for the healthcare industry. MIG Funds are leading German venture...

The power of technology in preventative care

Alyson Scurfield, TEC Services Association (TSA), explains how enhancing technology in social care could aid more effective preventative care models and empower individuals and...

COVID-19’s influence on digital healthcare in Denmark

The Danish Health Data Authority's comprehensive data programme has become a cornerstone of Danish healthcare's response to COVID-19. The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the...

Transforming clinical care delivery to support long COVID patients

Rachel Young, of Sheffield Hallam University, explains how clinical care could be modified to better support those recovering from long COVID. Long COVID, or post-COVID...

Understanding the impact of long COVID to improve future treatment

A study into long COVID has highlighted the need for greater research, diagnostic procedures, and pandemic preparedness moving forward. For the foreseeable future, the coronavirus...

How COVID-19 has led to a revolution in remote care

Dr Zubair Ahmed, CEO of Arc Health, discusses how the company is leading the charge in digital diagnostics. In light of COVID-19 the medical world...

UVC disinfection technology: Why an industry standard must be set

Following the surge in demand for ultraviolet (UV) disinfection equipment during the pandemic, the International Ultraviolet Association discusses the rise of commercial UVC products...

Intellectual property and vaccine equality in a pandemic

Akshaya Kumar, Director of Crisis Advocacy at Human Rights Watch, speaks to us about intellectual property and vaccine inequity. In October 2020, representatives of India...

The rise of innovation and technology in Danish healthcare

Healthcare Denmark CEO Jakob Skaaren Nielsen discusses innovation and technological developments within the Danish health and care sectors. Healthcare Denmark, a public-private non-profit partnership based...

Can we make sure that COVID-19 is the last pandemic?

The Honourable Mark Dybul MD speaks to us about the findings of the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response. The Independent Panel for Pandemic...

Ensuring automated hand hygiene compliance monitoring

Dr Allison Bartlett, of the University of Chicago, discusses the importance of hand hygiene compliance in clinical settings. In an April 2021 article for the...

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