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Wound infection

Betadine and silver colloidal gel can eliminate wound infection-causing bacteria

New research suggests a combination of betadine and silver colloidal gel could eliminate bacteria associated with wound infection. A recent study published in the American...
cancer cells

ACCUTOXTM effectively eliminates cancer cells by eliciting DNA damage

In a potentially monumental breakthrough in the war against cancer, Defence Therapeutics has revealed that its leading AccuTOXTM compound effectively kills cancer cells through...
Defence Therapeutics’ technology optimises cancer vaccine efficacy

Defence Therapeutics’ technology optimises cancer vaccine efficacy

Biotechnology experts Defence Therapeutics are leading the fight against cancer and infectious diseases. Discover how their revolutionary drug enhancer platform is elevating cancer vaccine...
insulin therapy

S100A9 protein may provide an alternative to insulin therapy

University of Geneva (UNIGE) scientists have demonstrated that the S100A9 protein can be developed into an effective diabetes treatment and could one day replace...

Alpelisib becomes 100th fast tracked NHS cancer drug

Alpelisib – a life-extending drug for patients with advanced breast cancer – has become the 100th fast-tracked cancer drug on the NHS and will...
nerve damage

Experimental drug repairs nerve damage from spinal cord injury

A groundbreaking study from the University of Birmingham has shown that a candidate drug called AZD1390 can repair nerve damage following a spinal cord...
Microdosing psilocybin

Microdosing psilocybin shows effectiveness in improving mental health

Evidence from a University of British Colombia investigation suggests that microdosing psilocybin may be an effective treatment for mental health conditions. The project, published in...
treatments for HIV

Protein discovery may create new treatments for HIV

Scientists have uncovered the mechanism behind a crucial protein that causes HIV to spread. The findings may help to develop novel treatments for HIV. Researchers...
antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Pharma industry unites to share antibiotic-resistant bacteria data

An array of leading pharmaceutical companies have joined forces to share surveillance data on antibiotic-resistant bacteria to tackle the global threat of antimicrobial resistance...
weight loss drug

Fat burning peptide may help to design an effective weight loss drug

Brazilian scientists have demonstrated that a new peptide has powerful anti-obesity properties in a rodent study and may help develop a potent weight loss...
ADHD medications

Common ADHD medications may treat Alzheimer’s disease

An extensive data analysis has revealed that widely used ADHD medications may be effective at reducing the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. The investigation examined the...
Down syndrome

Lamivudine HIV drug improves Down syndrome cognitive impairment

An antiretroviral drug that is traditionally used to treat HIV – known as lamivudine – has been shown to improve cognitive abilities in a...
sustainable transport

B Medical Systems and Etihad Cargo partner to create sustainable transport for pharmaceuticals

B Medical Systems has announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Etihad Cargo to develop sustainable transport solutions for...
drug-delivery system

Gel-based drug-delivery system makes tablets a thing of the past

Scientists have developed an innovative drug-delivery system that administers medications through gels. The new system provides an alternative method for ingesting treatments for patients...
spinal cord injury treatment

UK scientists discover an effective new spinal cord injury treatment

A group of UK-based researchers at the University of Birmingham have potentially identified a powerful new spinal cord injury treatment, discovering that an existing...
treatment for cataracts

World’s first drug treatment for cataracts could be available soon

The first ever drug treatment for cataracts could be on the market imminently, with a team of international scientists at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)...
Life-saving arthritis drugs can treat Covid patients

Life-saving arthritis drugs can treat Covid patients

The NHS is repurposing a cutting-edge arthritis drug to treat the most seriously ill Covid patients in the hospital. The RECOVERY trial carried out through the...

Montelukast drug for asthma blocks vital COVID-19 protein

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have discovered that a drug commonly used to treat asthma and allergies – montelukast – can...
bladder cancer treatments

Scientists identify a range of new bladder cancer treatments

A study performed at MedUni Vienna has discovered hundreds of new potential bladder cancer treatments, with one commonly used drug demonstrating effectiveness against two...
male contraceptive pill

Male contraceptive pill could be on the market soon

Scientists have potentially achieved a significant milestone towards developing a male contraceptive pill, a major advancement for birth control for men. Pioneered by researchers at...

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