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A boost for NervGen's spinal cord injury trials

A boost for NervGen’s spinal cord injury trials

Following the success of its phase I clinical trial, NervGen will initiate a phase Ib/IIa trial as early as Q3 this year to demonstrate...
The controversy around falsified Alzheimer's research 

The controversy around falsified Alzheimer’s research 

NervGen Pharma Corp. explores approaches to Alzheimer’s treatment culminating in its own novel method for treating nervous system damage using the revolutionary NVG-291 drug. Finding...
neurological diseases

Meeting of minds: Advancing research into neurological disease diagnosis and treatment

In this insightful eBook about innovation in neurological diseases, NervGen joins forces with Jean-Charles Lambert, PhD, from Institut Pasteur de Lille, INSERM and Professor...
spinal cord injuries

NervGen: A new hope for treating spinal cord injuries

For decades, medical researchers have struggled in vain to solve the mystery of how to reverse paralysis caused by serious spinal cord injuries. Finally, hope...

A new hope for treating neurodegenerative diseases

NervGen’s NVG-291 is a new drug with the potential to treat a range of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's and MS. IT is the Holy Grail...

New drug offers hope for MS sufferers on World Brain Day

As medical experts urgently call for action to tackle MS, one company has developed a drug it believes can treat the condition by repairing...

NervGen: Repairing the Nervous System

Backed by over three decades of thorough research, NervGen’s drug candidate has the potential to repair damage to the nervous system. Canadian R&D innovator NervGen...

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