The BRoTHER project: promoting digitalisation in biobanking research

Improving personalised medicine by increasing digitalisation throughout the field of biobanking research, we present to you our partner brochure with: BRoTHER

Biobanking is used in personalised medicine to understand the prognosis of disease and to predict and ultimately prevent diseases spreading. Biobanks store, collect and share biological material together with associated data and research – an essential foundation for personalised medicine.

Did you know that University of Regensburg, Institute of Pathology are our partners? Check out their partner page

Although biobanking research is an important part of medical science, often biobank samples lack biological quality and often include loss of data, labels and even biobank specimens in multicentre trials – which is where BRoTHER comes in.

Harmonising biobanking across Europe

BRoTHER (Biobank Research on Telemedical Approaches for Human Biobanks in a European Region) represents an international and interdisciplinary project, with the aim to define and analyse the obstacles which must be overcome if clinically related biobanks from two national health care systems want to work together in a digitalised world.

The BRoTHER consortium consists of four partners including the German based: Institute of Pathology at the University of Regensburg and the Institute of Pathology at the Technical University Munich and two partners from the Czech Republic: Department of Immunochemistry at the Faculty Hospital, Pilsen and the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute at the Masaryk University, Brno.

Innovative approaches to biobanking

To support biobanking digitalisation across multiple countries, one of the main topics that the BRoTHER project will need to consider is the regional specific issues as well as the basic aspects of biobanking as pre-analytical methods, sample and associated data processing, curriculum preparation, exchange of experience and bio-banking staff.

To connect the partner biobanks, each partner will be given a digital pathology framework based on While Slide Imaging which will facilitate the interactive and easy to handle exchange of imaging data. This framework will also function as a tool for secondary consultations and histopathological features, which will be a valuable diagnosis source for cancer patients with specific information on their tumours.

Ultimately, the BRoTHER project represents effective cooperation across Europe for interconnected biobanking and has the potential to act as the catalyst for future innovation and digitalisation across the international field of biobanking.

Want to learn more about the BRoTHER project? Click here to view the Ebook.


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