The Cannabis Investor Summit: demonstrating the power of collaboration

The Cannabis Investor Summit: demonstrating the power of collaboration
Pictured: Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel at The Cannabis Investor Summit

NNE, collaborating with Invest in Denmark and Invest in Odense, hosted the Cannabis Investor Summit, here MCN shine a light on the strength of the Danish ecosystem and the active cooperation demonstrated at the summit.

As media partners with the Cannabis Investor Summit, we had the opportunity to speak to the Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel, along with key figures who hosted the event; Derek Light, Special Advisor at Invest in Denmark, Lone Knudsen Krogsbøll, Investment Manager of Invest in Odense, and Christian Carlsen, Business Director of NNE.

Our partners NNE, the company that provides end-to-end engineering services for the pharmaceutical sector, teamed up with Invest in Denmark (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark), the national investment promotion agency that combines years of expertise to help companies set up business in Denmark, along with Invest in Odense, the dedicated body of business developers, who create extraordinary value and growth for jobs and companies for the city of Odense to collectively deliver the Cannabis Investor Summit. Through the harnessing of collaboration, the summit had the goal to elevate discussion surrounding the Danish ecosystem, along with spotlighting the emerging talent within the cannabis industry.

Maximising the potential of the medical cannabis industry in Denmark

Pictured: panel speakers from the event. From left: Deepak Anand, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Materia Ventures, Lone Knudsen Krogsbøll, Investment Manager of Invest in Odense, Christian Carlsen, Business Director of NNE, Mads Ulrik Pedersen, President of Aurora Nordic.

At the Cannabis Investor Summit, Medical Cannabis Network had the opportunity to be included in the discussion and witness the innovative companies showcasing their dynamic products and services. The key theme from the summit emphasised the willingness from all parties to collaborate around the emerging industry and the diverse Danish ecosystem.

Peter Rahbæk Juel, Mayor of Odense, shared how Odense plans to maximise the potential of the medical cannabis industry: “Today [at the event] we hope to build on the existing strong position that Denmark has established in the cannabis industry and also the pharma industry. By collaborating with NNE, and Invest in Denmark, the Cannabis Investor Summit is boosting the goal of enhancing dialogue between investors and businesses here today.”

Lone Knudsen Krogsbøll, Investment Manager of Invest in Odense further highlighted the importance of sharing knowledge with the investors and encouraging them to understand why they should invest in the medical cannabis industry. “The summit is providing a foundation for the investors to learn about medical cannabis and encouraging them to recognise that cities like Odense can utilise the effective business environment, and provide a strong support system for companies to develop in”.

The strength of the Danish ecosystem and the desire to cooperate

A key aspect from the Cannabis Investor Summit Krogsbøll emphasised was how producers and researchers could effectively collaborate to expand and scale the medical cannabis landscape. “Investors are here today to meet with the emerging companies to identify what is developing in the industry.”

Pictured: from left: Derek Light, Special Advisor at Invest in Denmark speaking to attendees at The Cannabis Investor Summit

Derek Light, Special Advisor of Life Science from Invest in Denmark adds: “The Cannabis Investor Summit is harnessing the collaboration between investors and Danish start-ups emerging from the applied research community. We can see clearly that the event has not only brought together the local community, but also the international community to effectively cooperate and contribute to strengthening the Danish ecosystem. We want to embed this international collaboration into the day-to-day workings of the sector.”

The prevailing theme throughout the Cannabis Investor Summit was the showcasing of growing Danish talent within the burgeoning cannabis industry. Christian Carlsen, Business Director of NNE explains: “The Cannabis Investor Summit was created to facilitate the transformation of ideas into business endeavours, adding value to startups, providing direction for the growth of companies; and assisting the scale-up of their business journey within the context of the life science environment.”

Juel adds: “We are delighted to see companies, universities, researchers and investors all sit around the same table and discuss the development of the cannabis industry and what they can do to contribute towards this. It’s excellent to see the active engagement and cooperation between the differing entities involved. What we want to share with the industry is: how can we progress companies in the cannabis industry, how can we implement these projects together, and essentially how can we solidify the strength of the Danish ecosystem. These are all topics that are being explored at the event [today].

“We have to dare” Juel concludes, “we have to dare to be the front runners, we have to bring our deep roots in horticultural production, bring them together with our high pharma standards, and ultimately achieve our goal. If we can succeed in effectively boosting collaboration [which we are already witnessing here at the event], I believe that we can open the European cannabis market to high quality, high calibre products.”

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