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The Pearce Foundation: providing solutions to bacterial contamination

The Pearce Foundation for Science and Medicine is providing solutions to bacterial contamination in healthcare, business, and home settings.

The Pearce Foundation for Science and Medicine was formed by Dr Paul J. Pearce, PhD, focusing on the elimination of water contamination, the causes and prevention of infections, immune system problems, healthcare associated infections (HAIs), mould, allergens, and the treatment of equipment. The goal of the foundation is to supply people with the methods, means, and equipment to provide solutions to contamination problems.

The Pearce Foundation helps customers :

  • Prevent and reduce healthcare associated infections (HAIs)
  • Test for water and food contamination
  • Test for environmental safety e.g. E. coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, mould spores and allergens, Burkholderia, and lung irritants
  • Reduce and eliminate identified problems

In healthcare settings, Legionnaire’s disease, HAIs, MRSA, and staphylococcus infections are major threats to human health. Hospital environments see higher than average infection rates, as many surfaces are prone to picking up large amounts of bacteria, including floors and walls. Furthermore, the sterilisation of hospital equipment is vital in reducing the threat of infections for patients.

Dr Pearce believes it is important to know how to prevent these kinds of infections and works with healthcare systems and hospitals to design plans to help solve them. The Pearce Foundation helps to identify these harmful microorganisms and works to remove them from the environment.

“Many of the solutions to our current problems have been hiding in plain sight. I have seen and solved so many of these problems and now I want to share solutions that are available to each of us.” Dr Pearce.

Fresh water initiative

The Pearce Foundation is passionate about access to fresh drinking water, as contaminated drinking water can cause numerous health problems for people across the globe.

The Foundation, in partnership with Living Water International, works to provide fresh water sources for people across the globe – from Central America to India. So far, the initiative has provided around 12,000 clean water wells.

In Africa, for example, Living Water has been installing water wells in places where there is no access to fresh, clean drinking water, and provides the well users with kits that allow them to test the safety of water in the well.

Partnering with Nova Biologicals

To combat bacterial contamination, The Pearce Foundation has embarked on a new partnership with Nova Biologicals. The aim of the partnership is to help find simple solutions to the complex problem of bacterial contamination.

These solutions will help protect air and water, as well as improve human health through combatting contamination of medical devices and reducing infection risks in the home – ultimately protecting your family’s health.

Case study: arsenic poisoning

The Pearce Foundation has worked with a ranch in Texas that discovered arsenic in the drinking water. The contamination was uncovered as the animals on the ranch were getting sick. The ranch contacted The Foundation, which helped solve the arsenic problem by providing testing services and solutions alongside its educational component –utilising technology, information, and experience to help the ranch solve its contamination issue.

About Dr Pearce

Dr Paul J. Pearce, PhD has carefully practiced medical and environmental testing for more than 40 years, as well as acquired a great deal of knowledge and teaching experience that he is happy to share with customers. Dr Pearce’s training and work in microbiology, chemistry, human physiology, and medicine have enabled him to help thousands of people as they strive to improve their lives.

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