The world’s first carbon-negative medical cannabis cultivation facility

cannabis cultivation
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The UK medical cannabis industry is set to become greener than ever, with the development of the world’s first carbon-negative cannabis cultivation facility.

Glass Pharms have agreed on head of terms with a leading infrastructure investment fund which will see them awarded £22.5m in financing to develop the first dedicated medical cannabis cultivation facility that will be carbon negative in the world.

The substantial investment into the cannabis cultivation facility is the largest dedicated infrastructure investment in the UK medical cannabis industry to date, demonstrating real confidence that medical cannabis has a long term and sustainable future in the UK.

Carbon negative cannabis cultivation

The new cannabis cultivation facility will be 2.5 hectares in size and located in the South of England, with the facility powered by an anaerobic digestion plant. The cutting-edge plant converts food waste into electricity, with hot water from the plant being utilised for both heating and cooling in the greenhouse. Glass Pharms’ facility will be accredited to verify its status as carbon neutral.

At the present time, the majority of the cannabis that is supplied to patients in the UK is imported, causing an inconsistent and varied quality of supply. Glass Pharms are looking to revolutionise this process, securing the first UK commercial license, granted by the Home Office, to supply High-THC cannabis flower to lawful third parties, such as pharmaceutical companies. This will enable the company to grow medical cannabis to the correct regulatory standards for future supply to UK pharmacies and clinics.

James Duckenfield, the CEO of Glass Pharms, said: “We will underpin a secure supply chain of medical cannabis to the UK, whilst at the same time making a real contribution towards the UK’s Net Zero targets.”

High quality

Ensuring medical cannabis cultivation of the highest quality required by the pharmaceutical sector is challenging in conventional greenhouses, meaning energy-inefficient indoor facilities are usually utilised. However, the Glass Pharms cannabis cultivation facility aims to achieve these standards by employing an array of methods, including AI-based environmental management systems, to control a range of growing variables.

“The result will be a replicable end-product, meaning that UK medical cannabis patients will benefit from a fresh product that meets their requirements for quality with a predictable supply. We look forward to being able to supply our customers in 2022,” said Duckenfield.


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