UK prescription cannabis recalled that ‘may be contaminated with mould’

UK prescription cannabis recalled for containing toxic mould
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UK prescription cannabis supplier NOIDECS has recalled two batches of product and has advised patients not to use their prescription medicine after reports of potential mould toxicity.

This week Cancard – the UK’s new medical cannabis ID card – that represents 27,000 patients in the UK received numerous reports of patients claiming that they are suffering from mould toxicity induced by their legal supply of medicinal cannabis flower which had been provided by NOIDECS.

Both NOIDECS and the UK Government have released statements recalling two batches of product and advising patients not to use their prescription medicine.

The Government website states: ‘The importer and distributor of the above products (Eaststone Limited) has informed us of reports that two affected batches may be contaminated with mould. Therefore, these batches are being recalled as a precautionary measure. This recall is being issued as a company-led recall due to the limited number of packs distributed, and Eaststone Limited have full traceability of the onward distribution by their customers.’

Inhaling mould can cause severe headaches, lung dysfunction, immune reactions, and asthma attacks.

Contaminated products

The two products that have been identified as having toxic mould contamination are Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD <4%) Indica Cannabis Flower and Noidecs T20/C4 (THC 20%; CBD <4%) Sativa Cannabis Flower.

Carly Barton of Cancard said: “This is such a disappointing situation. Many patients in the UK have spent thousands of pounds to become legally protected from prosecution for taking the medicine that helps them, they do so in the belief that these products would be safer. The fact that patients who live with chronic debilitating illnesses are now suffering from mould toxicity simply for choosing the legal route is unforgivable.

“Realistically small grow operations that are currently illegal in the UK have better quality control, this is difficult with large scale operations where the required care and attention isn’t as viable. Many patients have returned to the illicit market this weekend and have lost faith in the private clinics. This is the result of a profit-driven model. There is space for a more community cantered approach – with a health centre and dispensary that comes from a more genuine place with rigorous testing.”

A patient who had used a contaminated product said: “These headaches are so bad, this is supposed to be medicine, but it has made me sick. What am I going to do now? How can I trust the next batch? I have been taking cannabis for 30 years, I have never gotten mouldy product from my dealers.”

Dispensary Green commented: “Since we were made aware of a few patients spotting possible defects in medication from two batches of NOIDECS T20:C4, we have been working closely with our warehouse partner and MHRA to put a precautionary product recall (patients can choose whether they would like to return affected product) into place swiftly.

“The manufacturer, BOL Pharma, and the MHRA continue to investigate these two batches and we expect to hear the results in the coming weeks.

“Our team at Dispensary Green pharmacy are working around the clock to call all patients that have received medicine from these two batches and can provide support as needed.

“We are requesting that all patients discontinue use if they have medicine from these two batches, and return all packs in their possession. This includes unopened packs and opened packs.

“There is minimal risk for any patients that have taken the affected medical cannabis products, highlighted by the “precautionary” recall from the MHRA. Our priority at Dispensary Green has always been the welfare of our patients and we shall continue to act transparently and closely with patients to resolve this matter.

“It is deeply concerning that some grow-your-own activists are using this event as an opportunity to degrade the hard-work of the medical cannabis community and push an agenda focused on the illegal consumption of product sourced from clandestine black market cannabis growers. The legal medical market is priced competitively and built to safeguard patients so we can rid the country of black market dealers.

“As always, it’s important to ensure that medical cannabis is stored correctly by patients. For natural flower products the direction is for pouches not to be opened until consumed, and then kept in the sealed pouch and stored away from light at room temperature.”

MCN awaits the results of the investigation.

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