University Hospital Basel forms new alliance delivering enhanced patient care

University Hospital Basel forms new alliance delivering enhanced patient care
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University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, and award-winning UK medical 3D printing firm, axial3D have formed a new alliance to deliver improved patient care.

The leading medical centre in Switzerland, University Hospital Basel, and Medtech firm, axial3D, have formed a new alliance to deliver improved patient care and enhanced process management at the hospitals’ 3D print lab.

By using axial3D’s cloud-based platform, axial3Dassure, the hospital aims to optimise and transform its medical 3D print lab facility, delivering an enhanced level of patient care and enhanced lab performance.

Improving patient care

Quality control, communication, tracking, and workflow management are key aspects that the hospital will manage using axial3Dassure, which will be made up of over 20 desktop and industrial 3D printers.

axial3Dassure will enable University Hospital Basel to improve productivity and compliance, along with increasing efficiency. The hospital will benefit from faster creation, processing, and delivery of 3D printed surgical guides. The platform will support collaboration within the facility, with task-driven workflows and email notifications.

Philipp Brantner, Senior Physician Radiology and Co-Director of the 3D-Print Lab at University Hospital Basel said: “Our initial focus for the use of 3D printed surgical guides was within the Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery where 3D printing has now become routine.

“Having access to onsite printing has revolutionised how we treat those patients, some who arrive with life-threatening injuries that require immediate action. The functionality that we now get provided will allow us to speed up production and treat patients more effectively and efficiently.”

The hospital will also benefit from axial3D’s ‘orthopaedic’ auto-segmentation software module, embedded within the axial3Dassure platform. This software drastically reduces the amount of time required during the pre-production stages of 3D printing models for orthopaedic use.

Daniel Crawford, CEO and Founder at axial3D adds: “We are very excited to be working with the team at University Hospital Basel. They are a leading force in medical 3D printing, not just in Europe, but globally, and this alliance will ensure the expertise they have developed can support our company’s growth by informing the ongoing development of axial3D’s software solutions.

“With a growing requirement for 3D printing within healthcare, a centralised management platform is necessary for any 3D print lab, which plans to scale and grow in the coming years. University Hospital Basel has taken strides in its commitment to improving outcomes for patients through technology advances in the form of this collaboration.

“Our software will help the hospital gain insight into the statistics and figures usually hidden within data, ultimately allowing them to measure clinical impact and value 3D printing is having for patients. The workflow management capability will allow the hospital to speed up the creation, processing, and delivery of 3D printed models, while ensuring auditability, reliability and standardisation.”

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