World’s first magic mushroom nasal spray for PTSD and depression

World’s first magic mushroom nasal spray for PTSD and depression
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PTSD and depression are two conditions that are being trialled for treatment with psilocybin.

A ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray has been designed to make microdosing easier for people trying to treat their PTSD or depression.

Silo Wellness, an Oregon company with a team with roots in cannabis delivery modalities, has developed a magic mushroom nasal spray in Jamaica – where psilocybin is legal – for controlled, metered-dosing known as ‘microdosing’.

Magic mushroom nasal spray

The psilocybin nasal spray passes the gut, going directly to the bloodstream through the nasal mucus membranes and eventually the liver for metabolising. This saves the patient from feeling nauseous, as commonly experienced when taking psilocybin.

Board Advisor and Silo Wellness investor Becky Rotterman, a Missouri pharmacist, stated: “Many psilocybin patients, particularly women, complain of upset stomach or vomiting when taking high-doses of mushrooms.

“We want to bring this wonderful natural medicine first to Oregon and then the flyover states – to those who would be afraid to eat a handful of fungi and who feel more comfortable seeing their medicine in a familiar delivery modality, such as a metered-dose nasal spray.”

The correct dose

When a patient takes psilocybin the dosage is vital. Many people end up ‘stacking’, whereby the first dose takes some time to take effect so the patient consumes more, only to find they have taken too much later on. Microdosing alternatives with faster uptake speed are important  in order to prevent accidental high-dosage experiences.

Silo Wellness founder, Mike Arnold, said he created the medicine dispenser after his first experience with psilocybin after he was advised by a doctor to try it.

He said: “I couldn’t help to think how fortunate I was to have an actual physician take me on my first trip rather than ‘some guy’ I know, but I realised that most first-time users don’t have that luxury.

“I reached out to my long-time colleague from the marijuana space, brilliant inventor Michael Hartman, and we agreed that we need to be able to give patients predictable dosing so they can self-titrate into the desired levels of sub-psychedelic or psychedelic treatment.”

“We solved the age-old problem with plant- and fungus-based medicine: How do you know how much is a dose?” Hartman explained. “How do you avoid taking too much, like the cannabis edibles dilemma? We also managed to solve one of the common complaints of some mushroom users: taste and upset stomach.”

Healing trauma with magic mushrooms

Psilocybin is being trialled for the treatment of a number of physical and mental conditions, two of which are PTSD and depression. The psychoactive component is thought to stimulate receptors in the brain and potentially ‘rewire the brain’ by increasing neuro connectivity – helping to heal trauma from physical or psychological events.

COO, Scott Slay, said: “We are so grateful for the opportunity to have an actual and real first-to-market consumer product in magic mushrooms.

“I found mushrooms after returning from Iraq working in IED demolition and combat. The war changed me and the VA was ill equipped to help me transition and deal with my PTSD.

“I was heavily medicated. Mushrooms and DMT saved me. My life was renewed. I now have peace and purpose, and I can’t wait to share this opportunity with the world.”

Since psilocybin and other psychoactive compounds are found in nearly 200 known-species of mushrooms, humans have evolved around these beneficial chemical compounds.

Users of psychedelics have known for many years that small “micro doses” of mushrooms can give the user spiritual, medical, and therapeutic benefits without sending the user into a psychedelic ’trip’ as with high doses of mushroom biomass.

Psilocybin for depression has recently been given its second ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ designation by the FDA.

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    • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we only report the news. Please contact the supplier.

      Kind regards
      Health Europa

    • The article says it is in clinical trials. Which means it is being studied. After that, it has to go through another more rigorous process and it still isn’t guaranteed to be available to the public.

    • They grow on cow manure after a rain in spring and summer. I don’t know anywhere where they are legal yet, but I don’t know everything. More input would be way welcome here folks.

      • Denver has decriminalized psychoactive mushrooms (psylocybin) and allowed for medical research for depression and ptsd treament studies. I live in Denver. It’s very exciting.

    • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we only report the news. Please contact the supplier.

      Kind regards
      Health Europa

  1. I’ve been suffering from PTSD and bipolar for the past 21 yrs and if this treatment works to alleviate even a percentage of the symptoms I’d be grateful. I hope and pray this class if medical treatment gets passed thru the FDA even tho I think their a bs corporate based on greed and deception.

    • I’ve been suffering from bipolar and PTSD for 3+ years. I had to fight for my health with my doctors writing complaints on how they haven’t given me the best available treatment (it worked btw). I’ve been microdosing lsd – that also worked. Now they have been treating me with (not sure about the exact name) but electric stimulation of the brain and it seems to work especially well on bipolar people. You are not alone, there’s many of us out there. We can have a normal, happy life, but we need to be persistent at it. Good luck!

    • Hi Alice! I have bipolar too (cyclothymia) and i’m now experimenting whith mushrooms for my depressed episodes. I would like to have a conversation with you if you don’t mind (

  2. I would like to follow up with the progress of this study and obtain more information if possible. I am 36 and disabled. I suffer from server chronic anxiety, depression, seizures, cerratioic arthritis, herniated disk, chronic pain, and chirosis of the liver.

  3. I have been doing semi monthly micro doses to treat my manic depression and it has saved my life more times then I can count. How can I get this product of volunteer to try it out? I live in Oregon.

  4. I’m 77 years old and I realize how important my experimentation in psychoactive drugs has helped me resolve my psychiatric pain, but also it has profoundly effected my understanding of myself and the world I live in.

  5. Thank you very much for your deep medical digging around how to make this illegal substance into a cleaner more controllable type of micro dosing THAT WOULDNT BE LOOKED AT IN SUCH A NEGATIVE LIGHT , but an actual medication. I would get this product all the time . I really do think it would help even the people who are very hesitant still categorizing this as a very bad hallucinogen that is just for hippies and drug attics instead of seeing its healing possibilities for some people . Please keep me posted on this. I think it would help my depression and my ADD/ADHD. in ways I can’t describe. Even after the lil visuals are gone and most of the body buzz wore off the next couple days were amazing. Just a real calmness and in a better mood. I have no problem helping you and writing or taping my experience . Would very like to be a part of this incredible medical study you are working on . Thanks guys I hope this goes well for u guys . It would help so many not just myself. Keep fighting for this cause I know 1000000 easily would be more than appreciated. Do u guys have any samples or anything I can grab on the internet. Or I can just give u my address and hope for best. I really don’t think people are looking for nasal mushrooms at the moment. Thank u. Your fellow mushroom ADVOCATE!!! 🍄 JOE STURGILL

    • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we only report the news. Please contact the supplier.

      Kind regards
      Health Europa

    • The article says it is in clinical trials. Which means it is being studied. After that, it has to go through another more rigorous process and it still isn’t guaranteed to be available to the public.

    • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we only report the news. Please contact the supplier.

      Kind regards
      Health Europa

  6. Many years ago we teenagers often found them in the creeks where we lived and I still remember that everytime I had them I was indifferent to smoking cigerettes, be great if this could help people quit.

    • I believe there have been studies into this helping with addictions/smoking, with good results. Just been reading about it in the book Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Sounds like your experience is consistent with this 😊

  7. I took magic mushrooms one time with my husband and his good friend, Buck, we played good music and Buck made the magic mushroom tea. After a while everything became so smooth, and we talked about so many things and laughed, it was so mind opening and totally grooving!

    • I’m very interested in this medicine. I have anxiety and depression amongst a plethora of medical, spinal issues. I don’t think I could handle tripping. Would a small metered dose cause a person to trip or just get the medical benefits without the trip?

      • Hi Dave,

        The medicine is based on the concept of ‘microdosing’. For more information please contact Silo Wellness.

        Thank you for your comment.
        Health Europa

  8. I have been depressed all my life in the sixties I experimented with many drugs including mushrooms I must say that mushrooms gave me a lot peace my life has been a long series of experiences I was an alcoholic since the beginning I have been clean and sober for 33 year’s and life sometimes can bee hell

  9. I don’t suffer from depression or PTSD myself but a close relative of mine does and does the microdosing and says she has never felt better and doesn’t have any of the side effects associated with antidepressants.

  10. I’ve been dealing with Combat related PTSD and major depressive disorder for close to 20 years, from my military service. I’ve been on just about every anti depressant , and benzodiazepine you can think of. I mate recommended micro dossing with mushrooms a few mths back, but I’m yet to try it. At this stage I’m willing to try anything that will help alleviate my symptoms.

    • It looks like realistically this nasal spray can be years off from actually patient medication, so if you decide to experiment with the real thing (mushrooms) just start small. Like perhaps a cap, or a stem. Or half cap and half stem. You can always take more. I’ve used fungus for many years and each time it’s like opening another door down a brand new hallway.

  11. There are many clinics, private practices and hospital clinics that offer ketamine infusion therapy for PTSD, anxiety, depression & bi polar disorder. There is also a ketamine nasal spray. Google this-there is probably a clinic near you.

  12. I have PTSD , anxiety and depression. I tried mushrooms when i was youngerr and they were great. I hope one day this will be available so that i may try it. I really need it.

    • I think your thinking of LSD. Mushrooms are possibly the least damaging substance you can put in your body. Micro dosing is nothing more than a half gram maybe less to correct the brains misfires. CBD is an amazing chemical in it’s own right but it won’t correct preexisting issues like psycilocybin.

  13. God bless you Health Europa for patiently answering people’s questions despite everything blatantly being spelled out in the article or people not using Google to find their own to answer their own questions.


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