Emyria technology: patient-centred research for novel treatments

Emyria technology helps collect live, multidimensional patient information securely and confidentially, preserving patient privacy.

Drug developer Emyria is by building a patient-centred research eco-system for novel treatments, including cannabis and psychotropics, to help change the evidence landscape. It is achieving this aim with its innovative model of ‘evidence-generating care,’ whereby promising novel treatments are assessed in real-world clinical applications and the resulting data is used to further improve the delivery of care.

Emyria aims to accelerate the data-backed development of new and emerging drug treatments and drive the evolution of personalised patient care to better support and treat patients with complex and unmet needs.

Emyria technology

Emyria’s technology allows its clinical research and analytics specialists to discover new insights and learn what is working, when, and for whom, opening the door to individualised care and fast-tracking drug and therapy development.

Emyria has assembled a world-class platform for accelerated drug development, combining personalised clinical services and responsive data capture.

Patient-centred evidence

Evidence-based care is a cornerstone of modern medicine, however, for patients who are not hitting their care goals, gathering high-quality evidence to perfect, register, and launch promising new treatments is cumbersome and time-consuming.

To address this challenge, a collective of bright minds across three continents have come together to create Emyria: a comprehensive programme allowing patients with unmet needs to access promising new treatments earlier and more easily, by emphasising ethical and robust data collection on the frontline where patient care is administered.

In this eBook, Emyria and key partners outline the state of play and ongoing challenges surrounding the development and application of cannabis and psychotropic medicines. 


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