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Skin condition

Understanding the link between eczema and mental health

Should patients be offered psychological support for their mental wellbeing when living with a skin condition such as eczema?
Rare disease

Making rare disease medicines less rare: The EU must take this opportunity to effect...

Revision of the OMP Regulation holds opportunities for improving the lives of those living with a rare disease.

Improving care and awareness of kidney diseases

Raymond Vanholder and Eveline Scheres from the European Kidney Health Alliance highlight where further efforts are needed to improve the prevention and care of...
The EU pipeline legislation and exploitation of health data and AI

The EU pipeline legislation and exploitation of health data and AI

Professor Dr Paul De Raeve outlines why it is integral for nurses to help shape the integration of digital solutions across healthcare in the...
causes of obesity

Addressing the true causes of obesity

Lorna Rothery spoke to Jacqueline Bowman-Busato, Head of Policy at the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), to find out the true...

How to tackle social care recruitment challenges

Laura Wolstenholme, Head of Workforce at Persona Care and Support, outlines the importance of training opportunities within the social care sector. Recruitment and retention challenges...
mRNA vaccines: are they the way forward?

mRNA vaccines: are they the way forward?

mRNA vaccine technology is broadening the scope of effective vaccine-based solutions that can mitigate the spread of harmful pathogens in infectious and non-infectious diseases. For...
antimicrobial stewardship

Prioritising antimicrobial stewardship and prescribing

Professor Diane Ashiru-Oredope, Lead Pharmacist for healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial resistance at the UK Health Security Agency, outlines the UK’s progress in mitigating...
Respiratory viruses and infection control

Respiratory viruses and infection control

Lorna Rothery spoke to Dr Albert Osterhaus, expert virologist and Chairman of the European Scientific Working group on Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses about...
How can UVC light help to keep your staff and visitors safe

How can UVC light help to keep your staff and visitors safe

UK-based manufacturers, BiocareUV, discuss their Far UVC solution created to tackle harmful pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in minutes. As the world struggles with the aftermath...
New guidelines aim to reduce MRSA infection prevalence

New guidelines aim to reduce MRSA infection prevalence

Infection prevention specialists, GAMA Healthcare, explain the evidence behind the guidelines and solutions that could help MRSA infection management. There are few pathogens as synonymous...
UV-C air disinfection

UV-C air disinfection: A powerful weapon for combatting airborne diseases

Troy Cowan, coordinator of the Ultraviolet Working Group at the International Ultraviolet Association outlines the integral role of UV-C air disinfection in fighting the...
A boost for NervGen's spinal cord injury trials

A boost for NervGen’s spinal cord injury trials

Following the success of its phase I clinical trial, NervGen will initiate a phase Ib/IIa trial as early as Q3 this year to demonstrate...

Defence Therapeutics completes AccuTOXTM preclinical efficacy studies

Defence Therapeutics has successfully completed all essential preclinical efficacy studies for the company’s AccuTOXTM programme. AccuTOXTM is one of Defence’s most advanced research and development...
Vaccine enhancer technology

Defence Therapeutics granted US patent for vaccine enhancer technology

Discover how the issue of a patent will allow Defence Therapeutics' vaccine enhancer technology to be commercialised.
Developing diagnostic technologies 

Using AI to develop diagnostic technologies

Oxford University scientists created a world-first AI diagnostic test that could dramatically improve the efficiency of viral testing. Lorna Rothery spoke to co-developer Dr...
Gynaecological cancer

Pioneering approaches to gynaecological cancer diagnostics

Lorna Rothery spoke to Marina Rigau, CEO and Co-Founder of EIT Health-supported start-up MiMARK, about the challenges associated with the diagnosis of gynaecological conditions. By...
gut microbiome

The ultimate guide to gut microbiota and the human microbiome

Our complete guide to gut microbiota and the human microbiome details essential information to help optimise your gut health. Gut microbiota and the human microbiome...

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Health Europa is delighted to bring to you our Women’s Health eBook, analysing pertinent issues currently facing women in healthcare, covering topics that include...

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Aquarate: Pioneering innovative fluid intake monitoring solutions

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Everything you need to know about CBD oil in Latvia

Everything you need to know about CBD oil in Latvia

Learn everything you need to know about using and buying CBD oil in Latvia in this comprehensive, expert-led guide. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an increasingly...
An In-Depth Guide to Buying CBD Oil in the Czech Republic

An in-depth guide to buying CBD oil in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is quickly becoming one of the best countries in the world for purchasing CBD oil. With a wide variety of options...
Global study will investigate cannabidiol as psychosis treatment

Global study will investigate cannabidiol as psychosis treatment

Three major trials will test the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) as a psychosis treatment following a £16.5 million funding injection. Wellcome has awarded Oxford’s Department...
Is Lion’s Mane becoming more popular than CBD oil?

Is Lion’s Mane becoming more popular than CBD oil?

Lion’s Mane is a type of edible mushroom growing in popularity worldwide. Learn everything about this supplement and how it matches up to CBD. The...

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