New Frontier Data – trusted cannabis industry research

New Frontier Data was founded in 2014 with the mission of collating and analysing data on the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Today the company operates across three continents, delivering cannabis industry intelligence, data and personalised advisory services to stakeholders and investors. Its rigorous standards and commitment to objectivity and transparency have led New Frontier Data to become the leading industry authority on cannabis-related data analysis; where the industry had previously had little to no opportunity to access comprehensive, reliable data, New Frontier Data has worked to ensure industry professionals, investors, researchers and policymakers are able to make informed decisions with the minimum of risk, based on reliable, trustworthy data.

With the use of cannabis for medical purposes now officially sanctioned in more than 50 countries and cannabis derivatives medically approved as treatment options for such diverse conditions as Alzheimer’s Disease; epilepsy; opioid addiction and some cancers, evidence is beginning to emerge that legalised cannabis use can result in a significant reduction in both healthcare spending and opioid-related deaths. More than two million patients use medical cannabis across the 33 states in the USA where prescription use is legal.

New Frontier Data has identified an emerging industry in medical cannabis in Europe, where the limited capacity for domestic production has opened up opportunities for foreign imports. Currently Canada is the market leader in this field, with more than 100 licensed cannabis producers nationwide and the requisite production infrastructure to meet the demand of European patients, which appears to have been underestimated by producers and suppliers within Europe.

This eBook also includes:

  • Data on the distribution of medical cannabis, sorted by the most commonly treated conditions;
  • Statistics showing the impact of medical cannabis on patient welfare;
  • Analysis of Europe’s Good Manufacturing Practices as they pertain to cannabis prescription; and
  • Financial analysis of the impact of the introduction of legalised medicinal cannabis into the market.



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