Discover the collaboration that aims to improve medical cannabis access across the UK

Discover the collaboration that aims to improve medical cannabis access across the UK
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Cannuba collaborates with Drug Science to launch a medical cannabis working group, will develop approaches to improving medical cannabis access to patients in the UK.

Medical cannabis research and production firm, Cannuba, is working in partnership with the UK’s leading independent scientific body on drugs in launching the Drug Science Cannabis Working Group. The Group, which launched at Drug Science’s annual reception at the House of Lords on Wednesday 22 May 2019, will develop approaches to improving medical cannabis access to patients.

The aim of progressing medical cannabis access

Rob James, CEO of Cannuba Ltd., said: “Cannuba is both honoured and excited to be a part of the Drug Science Working Group. We will be working alongside leading industry professionals to assist with integral research.

“With the right due diligence in place, our aim is to help people all over the UK gain access to life-changing medical products.”

The working group includes leading Drug Science Experts, patient representatives, policy makers and other industry partners.

Aims of The Group

  • Explore routes to implementation of medical cannabis, such as the creation of special interest clinical groups that can work together using standard diagnostic and outcome protocols to rapidly evaluate the values of medical cannabis in real clinical settings;
  • Provide an accredited medical educational online platform that is evidence based, independent, free from bias and widely/freely available to healthcare professionals;
  • Review benefit/risk relationships collected in current medical cannabis jurisdictions e.g. in Canadian, Dutch, Australian and German health authority databases;
  • Work with health technology experts to develop a detailed model of the cost-benefit of medical cannabis. This will include an assessment of the ‘hidden’ benefits such as the reduction in illicit drug use and reduced costs of opioid and other painkiller medicines to the NHS;
  • Develop an overview of the current status of the medical cannabis in the UK with comprehensive delineation of the blocks and problems, and with a road map to overcoming these;
  • Coordinate a series of focus groups with doctors and pharmacists to explore the problems they are currently experiencing with prescribing medical cannabis, with a view to developing ways to overcome them;
  • Conduct a survey of all UK doctors to explore their knowledge of, and attitudes to, medical cannabis;
  • Develop an information pack for doctors and other medical professionals on how to prescribe medical cannabis, and how to ensure that they stay within the current regulations on the use of ‘off-license’ medicines;
  • Convene a meeting of medical insurers (MDU and MPS) and related groups (NHS insurers, GMC, BMA) to clarify the regulatory position on medical cannabis to facilitate prescribing in the UK, and produce a report; and
  • Produce a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) of benefit-safety ratios for medical cannabis products.

“This is a unique and privileged opportunity and puts Cannuba at the very forefront of meaningful scientific research.” Concludes James.

About Drug Science

Drug Science is a leading international voice on the scientific, ethical and political developments for medical cannabis. It provides an evidence base free from political or commercial influence, creating the foundation for sensible and effective drug laws, by delivering, reviewing and investigating scientific evidence relating to psychoactive drugs.

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