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PURE5: Equipment for the processing of botanicals

COMERG is a European based company that develops extraction and post processing equipment for cannabis, hemp, and many aromatic botanical plants under the brand PURE5TM.

PURE5 has over 20 years experience of process and equipment design and manufacturing for plant extraction and post-processing. With background from the fragrance and flavour industry bringing best in oil extraction and processing. The company has developed a strain specific extraction process that, at room temperature conditions, extracts only the full spectrum resin profile of the plant while preserving the natural oils and the terpenes and not extracting chlorophyll and waxes.

All PURE5 cannabis terpenes are produced using gentle and non-destructive botanical extraction process, concentrating all the terpenes and cannabinoids into an unaltered profile suspended in natural plant oils. Our revolutionary extraction method of Pure Botanical Extraction (PBX) is significantly safer, faster, and cheaper, and produces a higher yield in a shorter time than any other conventional method. We design and manufacture cost and process optimised extraction systems and applicable post processing stages delivering all target fractions.

PURE5 scientists are dedicated to the development of next generation natural extraction and oil remediation systems. Extracting without solvents or excess temperatures delivers highly potent enzyme rich oil. The company owns the global IP, know-how and the exclusive rights to the application of Low-Pressure Extraction (LPE) utilising R134a solvent and solventless THC remediation.

Extraction equipment

PURE5 builds very cost efficient and process oriented equipment that saves time and provides the highest quality output, speed and economics for the entire process. We offer terpene extraction, distillation and remediation equipment with sizes from 20L to 1000L and throughput up to 7000lb/day utilizing save and GRAS approved solvents. Our equipment is carefully designed for European and Canadian GMP facilities and includes easy-to-clean stainless-steel vessels. Our machines extract wet and dry plant and produce unique Live Resin and concentrate used in all areas of the industry.

THC Remediation equipment

For the fast growing hemp industry, PURE5 offers a solventless, organic, and legally compliant THC remediation system. Available processing sizes are from 5L to 500L that match our extraction systems at rate 1-2kg oil/day for a lab setup, 20-40kg oil/day oil for mid-level setup and 200-400kg oil/day for large production setup.

Engineering and consulting services

PURE5 consulting service provides hands-on installation guidance, workforce training, documented standard operating procedures (SOPs), and method validation of final output oils. Our Consulting services enables our customers to ensure that employees are competently trained on best practices for all phases of the product manufacturing process.

PURE5 offers the most competitive and cost effective turnkey GMP manufacturing solutions in the industry. Our solutions reduce the risk, increase the safety, and ensure the long-term success of your business with proven methods and processes that optimise quality and performance.


Our business model is:

  • To build very cost efficient and process-oriented equipment that saves time and provides the highest quality output;
  • To implement non-destructive pure botanical extraction processes;
  • To extract the botanical oils in an unaltered way keeping the natural plant vitality; and
  • To deliver fully vertically integrated processes and equipment for plant ingredients.

Other areas: Pre and post processing equipment, extraction equipment design, facility design, process design, plant extraction, plant grow, plant harvest, plant storage, plant processing, essential oil processing, fractionation and distillation equipment.

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