Society of Cannabis Clinicians announces its official journal


The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) has announced the new, peer-reviewed Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal as its official journal.

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians is a non-profit educational and scientific society of physicians and health care professionals dedicated to the education and research support of cannabis for medical use.

Its mission is to unite members of the various medical specialities and allied professionals with this common purpose. This collaboration between the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research is one that will greatly contribute to advancing the understanding of the medical use of cannabis and benefit a whole community of medical specialists and allied professionals.

A new partnership

Sherry Yafai, MD, Co-Vice President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, said: “The SCC is proud to announce our official partnership with the Cannabis and Cannabinoids Research Journal.

“Every member will now be given access to the journal as a part of paid membership benefits. We are thrilled to continue to expand our mission of cannabis scientific education to the membership with this new partnership.

“For those who are interested in getting a free print copy of the most recent journal publication, they will be distributed at the 5 October, 2019 conference in Los Angeles. We will continue to work together to bring more clinical science and research in the field of cannabis.”

Daniele Piomelli, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research said: “Changes in the legal landscape are generating new interest in cannabis as a medicine and are posing important scientific and educational challenges.

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research is delighted to partner with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians to promote rigorous clinical research on cannabis and to help spread new discoveries to practicing physicians as well as to the scientific community.”

Dr. Piomelli and the leadership of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research look forward to working with theSCCto enhance its mission, the Journal, and the field.

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research has also been made  the official journal of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), and works in collaboration with the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) and Fundación CANNA.

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