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EIT Health crown inaugural winners of neurotechprize for Alzheimer’s tech

EIT Health and Biogen have revealed the first winners of the neurotechprize, a new initiative that awards funding to startup companies developing cutting-edge technologies...
treatment for dementia

Sodium selenate drug may provide a new treatment for dementia

Research pioneered at Monash University has potentially discovered an effective new treatment for dementia, specifically for a rare form of the disease called behavioural...
talk therapy

Talk therapy may treat depression in dementia patients

The Cochrane Review paper suggests that talk therapy is an effective treatment for alleviating depression in people with dementia. For patients with dementia and mild...
Could vitamin K protect against cognitive decline?

Could vitamin K protect against cognitive decline?

A new study conducted on rats finds that vitamin K could protect against age-related cognitive decline. Vitamin K comes in two forms: vitamin K1 and...
cognitive impairment

Cognitive impairment cases have more than doubled over the last decade

A novel study performed in the UK has shockingly revealed that the number of older adults experiencing cognitive impairment has more than doubled in...
preventative treatment for dementia

Could lithium be used as a preventative treatment for dementia?

A team of UK scientists have discovered that lithium may potentially be an effective preventative treatment for dementia. The team, comprised of specialists from the...
vascular dementia memory loss

Scientists identify effective treatment for vascular dementia memory loss

A team of US researchers has potentially identified a promising method for mitigating vascular dementia memory loss, a primary symptom of the disease. Scientists from...
Midlife chronic conditions linked to increased dementia risk later in life

Midlife chronic conditions linked to increased dementia risk later in life

Having two or more chronic conditions (known as multimorbidity) in middle age is associated with an increased risk of dementia later in life. Common chronic...
frontotemporal dementia

Over €1 million awarded for frontotemporal dementia research

Two industry-leading researchers have been awarded over €1 million to collaborate on frontotemporal dementia research. The frontotemporal dementia endeavour will involve Dorothee Dormann, a molecular...
treatment for dementia

Treatment for dementia improved by seeing the same GP

A UK study suggests that having appointments with the same GP can improve treatment for dementia, a development that may potentially influence how dementia...
dementia care

Enhancing brain health through optimising dementia care and diagnosis

Owen Miller of Alzheimer Europe outlines why improvements in global education, policy and practice are urgently needed to improve dementia care. With global dementia cases...
Dementia diagnosis frequency to triple by 2050 without intervention 

Dementia diagnosis frequency to triple by 2050 without intervention    

The Global Burden of Disease study has forecasted the number of dementia diagnosis cases in 195 countries and territories and examined the impact of...
early signs of dementia

Early signs of dementia predicted by self-administered cognition test

A study based in the US has demonstrated that a new self-administered cognition test is proficient at identifying early signs of dementia. The test –...
Elevated heart rate linked to increased risk of dementia

Elevated heart rate linked to increased risk of dementia

An elevated heart rate in old age could be a risk factor of dementia, according to a study at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden published...
anti-inflammatory diet

Cognitive decline potentially mitigated by an anti-inflammatory diet

A study based in Greece has indicated that an anti-inflammatory diet may improve cognitive health, reducing the risk of dementia in later life. The research...
Alzheimer's and dementia

Making Alzheimer’s and dementia a global health priority

Lewis Arthurton, Policy and Communications Manager for Alzheimer’s Disease International, examines how different strategies can be developed to improve the diagnostic processes for Alzheimer’s...
eye conditions

Risk of dementia significantly exacerbated by eye conditions

A novel study has indicated that a plethora of eye conditions may potentially increase the risk of developing dementia. The research, published in the British...

Experiential training: What does it feel like to have dementia?

Training 2 Care’s unique experiential training provides users with a glimpse of what it is like to live as a person with dementia or...

WHO report highlights global failings in dementia support

Support for people with dementia and their families is lacking across the globe, a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report has shown. The WHO has...

Poor diet and lack of exercise could increase dementia risk

An unhealthy diet and lifestyle could heighten the risk of cognitive decline and diseases such as dementia, new research has suggested. In a study led...

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