Sales Approach

How do we prepare for a publication?

To produce publications to the highest standard our teams, including Editorial, Design, Production and Sales, plan up to 12 months in advance for each publication to ensure each edition is focusing on the most relevant areas of the targeted distribution.

As our planning moves closer to publication it is common that features can be added, changed and delayed, reflecting the current climate of the sector the publication is targeting. Our team will work together to ensure we are delivering the most relevant content for each edition.

Who do we invite to appear in the publication?

Throughout the planning process highlighted above we will identify potential contributors to the publication to reflect the focus of each edition.

This will include two key areas:


This is typically organisations involved in the key areas of the publication looking to discuss and promote current key topics, research themes, future priorities and industry news. Past editorial contributors have included:

  • Health Europa:
    Philippe Amouyel – Chair of the European Union’s Joint Programme for Neurodegenerative Disease Research;
    Pierre Meulien – Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative; and
    Joe Kiani – Founder of Masimo/Patient Safety Movement Foundation.


The sales team will work closely with the editorial team to ensure they approach organisations who complement the editorial direction for each publication. For example, an editorial focus on medical cannabis research in Medical Cannabis Network will lead the sales team to feature organisations or research institutes involved in medical cannabis research to promote their current projects, products and services related to medical cannabis R&D and new commercial products. Events will also be identified for PEN employees to attend, giving us a person on the ground to gather information and make contacts.

Sales Research/Planning:

Following the editorial team confirming the agreed themes and topics for the publication, the sales team will research potential contributors relevant to the editorial focus. Within this research they will look to feature a mix of organisations, including leading private organisations, SMEs, research projects and academic research groups depending on the focus of the publication. To ensure the direction of the sales team is correct they are in daily contact with the editorial team, keeping up to date with developments on each edition of the publications and ensuring the proposed organisations the sales team wish to feature match the direction of the editorial team.

Sales Approach:

Once the editorial and sales team agree on the suggested organisations to be featured within the publication, the sales team will contact the suggested organisations and present them with the opportunity to appear within the publication.

The sales team are asked to ensure before discussing the publication in depth that they establish the research they have done prior to the contact is correct and the proposed contributor is relevant to the topic of the publication, thus ensuring we are speaking to the correct people.

Once this has been established the sales co-ordinator will describe the publication including editorial content, structure of the publication, distribution and readership, as well as giving examples of past publications to show the nature of our work (all past publications are available online). We then describe how the organisation can be included within the publication.

Within each publication we have the opportunity for organisations and individuals to contribute advertorial/profile pieces ranging from one page to four as well as other promotional opportunities such as display advertisements including prime positions and branding opportunities with logo placement.

The sales co-ordinator will establish with the prospective client the best way for them to appear within the publication to promote their message, e.g. one page, two pages or more, advertorial or display etc. and then present the costs for the suggested space. It is then entirely the decision of the prospective client to decide on the number of pages they require, whether they can produce the content by the required copy deadline and if they wish to appear within the publication.

Do I have to pay to promote my organisation/project/research in the publication?

Not all content is paid for but for the content for which there is a cost, there are different costs for different packages. We can alter the contents of these packages in order to suit all budgets.

The costs are prohibitive; are discounts available?

It is more likely that the content of a package can be altered in order to fit into a particular budget; however, discounts are sometimes available depending on the stage of a sales campaign i.e. how many positions are still available and how much time is left.

Do I need to make a quick decision?

All commercial offers are made on a first come first served basis. Where we need to fill advertising space quickly we may offer a discount. This is common advertising practice.

In addition, our sales team endeavour to contact only those organisations that have been identified as having relevance to either the accompanying editorial or the audience.

If you are have any concerns or feedback about our sales process in any way, then please contact our General Manager, Stephanie Davies at

How do I confirm my position?

Following the above process, the prospective client is then asked to confirm the number of pages required within the publication; it is then entirely the decision of the prospective client to confirm if they are happy to proceed with the number of pages required at the agreed cost.

To do this we will then send a contract confirming the name of the publication, copy deadline, customer information, number of pages, production details and agreed cost to the client for them to sign using an e-sign process.

This is a legal contract committing us (the company) to provide the client with the agreed number of pages at the agreed cost and committing the client to the position. On receipt of the signed contract we will then secure the pages for the client within the plans of the publication and inform all internal teams.

What happens after I agree to the publication?

Our production team will contact you typically within seven to ten days of the agreed contract to introduce themselves and provide you with the production guidelines and help sheets. These can also be found in the footer of all our websites titled ‘Help sheets’.

Will I be charged for Production/Design services?

All our production and design services are included within the costs of the pages; there is NO additional charge for any production/design work. We have a team of experts with many years’ experience who will ensure your profile is the very best it can be.

When do I pay for the publication?

We ask that you pay for the publication 14 days after distribution; these are our standard terms. This ensures we do all the work to produce the content with you and allow you to see the final publication before asking you to pay. If you require longer than 14 days to pay, this should be agreed at the point of sale and can be stipulated on the contract for you.