Former Portugal State Secretary of Health appointed to cannabis firm

Former Portugal State Secretary of Health appointed to cannabis firm

Former Portugal State Secretary of Health has been appointed to the board of directors of a European cannabis company.

Greater Cannabis Company, a market leader and innovator in the development and commercialisation of cannabinoid delivery systems, is proud to announce that its European-based partner Symtomax, has appointed former Portugal State Secretary of Health to its board of directors.

Symtomax currently owns one of the largest legal cannabis cultivation areas in Europe, with a planned production facility site in Portugal totalling 1,830,000 square meters.

In addition to its 40 years in medical cannabis, it has extensive international experience in operations, capital markets, corporate finance, law, and healthcare services.


Symtomax recently appointed Dr Eurico Castro Alves, former State Secretary for Health and President of Portugal’s health regulator Infarmed as director of Symtomax. The appointment highlights Symtomax’s plans to grow the company into a major player in the European Medical Cannabis market.

Symtomax Chairman Paul Segal said: “We welcome Dr Eurico. Like Symtomax, he is passionate about healthcare. His appointment brings experience and unique expertise at the highest level, and we are delighted that such a recognised member in the International healthcare community has joined us. Symtomax will continue to evolve and lead the company forward in this fast moving and growing market place, and this appointment is yet another commitment from us on this journey.”

Eurico said of his appointment: “I am delighted to have joined Symtomax and look forward to further assisting the business on a strategic level as well as pushing the company forward on a technical front.”

Dr Eurico

Dr Eurico graduated in Medicine by the Faculty of Medicine of Porto University with a specialty in General Surgery. He completed his General Surgery training at the Southern Illinois University Medical School and at the Cook County Hospital of Chicago in Illinois USA. He obtained the degree of Instructor in Advanced Trauma Life Support by the trauma committee of the State of Illinois.

Dr Eurico was also the former chairman of the Infarmed Board of Directors, National Authority for Medicines and Health Products, IP, during which the creation of SiNATS (National Health Technology Assessment System) and Farmed (Forum of Regulatory Agencies of Lusophone Space Countries). He was a mentor of the European Group Against Counterfeit Medicines (WGEO) and was part of the Group of Heads of Medicines Agencies in the European Economic Area.

He is also the current director of the Surgery Department at the Centro Hospitalar do Porto. And recently chaired the organising committee of the National Health Convention, an unprecedented debate involving every player within the health sector

During his career, he was granted several honour awards, participated as speaker in scientific conferences and meetings in the field of Medicine, General Surgery, Health Regulations and Politics. He held the position of State Secretary for Health for 20th Portuguese Government. He was also the board member of ERS, a Portuguese Health regulator, as well as deputy of the chairman of the board of directors and director of the public relations office of Santo António Hospital.

Symtomax and Greater Cannabis previously announced their partnership to commercialise the Greater Cannabis’ innovative cannabinoid delivery system. Plans are currently underway to manufacture and distribute these products.

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