Introducing the Hollmén Lab and cancer immunological research

Delve into the world of immunosuppressive cells, molecules and pathways, as the Hollmén Lab prove an insight into their cancer immunological research.

The Hollmén Lab has the goal of providing a basis for cancer immunological research, and they aim to achieve this by combining the use of clinical patient material with the latest technology to identify disease specific biomarkers and monitor treatment responses.

Most importantly, the researchers have the vision be the first to provide an effective macrophage targeting treatment strategy to combat cancer.

What do you know about the Hollmén Lab?

The Hollmén lab is an academy-based research group led by Dr. Maija Hollmén, who has 20 years of expertise in antibody drug development, cancer biology and tumour immunology. Her team consists of expert scientists in biochemistry, immunology, veterinary medicine, and bioimaging.

Discover the environment of cancer immunological research

Their research exploits a unique scavenger receptor Clever-1, expressed on a subpopulation of immunosuppressive macrophages, to alleviate tumour related inflammation and develop Clever-1 as a companion therapeutic, diagnostic, and prognostic biomarker to treat and identify patients under immunosuppression.

Tumour-associated macrophages are highly eligible candidates for targeted therapies, since these cells are abundantly present in various tumours, they are very plastic and can be converted into pro-inflammatory macrophages supporting T-cell activation and tumour rejection.

What does this eBook entail?

This eBook will provide a detailed insight into the research conducted by the lab, readers will enjoy the following:

  • The concept of the research;
  • Features of the lead molecule;
  • A detailed insight of the research trials; and
  • What the receptor can achieve.

What could the research mean?

The research that the Hollmén Lab are conducting has the potential to have a high impact in understanding the mechanism of macrophage-mediated immunosuppression in cancer and promoting anti-Clever-1 immunotherapy into clinical trials where it may have benefits in comparison with currently available immune activating drugs.

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