Continuous low mobility, yet do not disturb!

Continuous low mobility, yet do not disturb!
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Compliant concept AG’s Bertrand Hughes outlines the advantages of the Active Mobilisation System® – purposely designed for those with low mobility.

Up until now, the combination of the terms ‘continuous low mobility’ and ‘do not disturb’ was not possible. Someone with low mobility in their sleep needed to be repositioned every two to three hours. But this is not ideal for either the patient or staff. Sleep deficit hinders the body’s regenerative and healing capacity. Indeed, many patients with either pain or cognitive disorders are very difficult to reposition.

This is where the AMS, Active Mobilisation System®, from compliant concept AG can offer great relief for both staff and patients/residents.

The AMS is an active mattress that in a continuous cycle, very gently and silently, turns the patient from one side to the other while giving additional pressure relief for key body parts. A number of observational studies, six to date with three more in publication, confirm that this supports an effective pressure ulcer prophylaxis while giving great relief to both the patient and staff. A good night’s sleep is a highly valued asset for good healthcare!

Evidence-based outcomes

The evidence to date has confirmed a highly effective support for pressure ulcer prophylaxis and for therapy of pressure ulcers up to category IV (according to EPUAP guidelines) in both acute care and long-term care settings. Most importantly, the outstanding benefit for the patient was the comfort and quality of sleep.1 Furthermore, the relative firmness of the mattress is reassuring for patients with low mobility who otherwise become disoriented on an air mattress – an important factor for patients suffering from delirium and dementia.

Principal indications

Patients at risk for pressure ulcers and who also:

  • Are delirious or suffer from dementia
  • Have pain or feel pain when touched
  • Are aggressive
  • Do not tolerate turns or don’t wish to be woken
  • Are contra-indicated for air mattresses.


  1. Schaffhauser et al.: Wirksamkeit und Verträglichkeit eines aktiven Mobilisierungssystems bei pflegebedürftigen Patienten in der institutionellen Langzeit-Pflege, bei denen reguläre Mobilisierungs-Maßnahmen zur Dekubitusprophylaxe aufgrund ihres medizinischen Zustands nicht möglich sind.; Arzt/Spital/Pflege 4,2016

Bertrand Hughes
compliant concept AG
+41 44 552 1553


This article will appear in issue 7 of Health Europa Quarterly, which will be published in November 2018.  


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