Discover the latest company to get a medical cannabis licence in Greece

Discover the latest company to get a medical cannabis licence in Greece
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Greece legalised cannabis for medical use in 2017 and lifted a ban on growing and producing it in 2018, now Canadian company, HEXO, is the latest company to get a medical cannabis licence.

The Canadian company HEXO is the latest company to get a medical cannabis licence in Greece. The company said the licence, issued by the Greek government, allows the company to establish cultivation, processing and manufacturing facilities in the Thessaly region of the country with HEXO hoping to boost its presence in the European Union.

A major step for HEXO

CEO Sebastien St-Louis explains: “This is a major step for Hexo as we continue to execute towards becoming a top three global cannabis company.”

“Receiving licencing in Greece will allow us to bring know-how and brands powered by Hexo to the European market. The new facility will also drive value for current and future Fortune 500 partners by giving them access to licenced infrastructure internationally with the vision of capturing first-mover advantage in the burgeoning European cannabis market.”

It’s still unlawful in Greece, apart from medical use, but the marijuana industry is set to take off after the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA government authorised six licences for companies to cultivate the product

About HEXO

HEXO is a cannabis brand based in Gatineau, Quebec, that focuses on innovative, smoke-free and traditional cannabis products.

Under HEXO Corp, HEXO products are grown and processed in state-of-the-art facilities at our campus in Masson-Angers, Quebec, about 30 minutes from Ottawa.

Initially incorporated in 2013 under the name Hydropothecary, the company was solely created to meet the needs of the medical cannabis market. With the advent of a legalised market, the company became HEXO Corp, retaining Hydropothecary for medical clients and creating HEXO for the adult-use community.

As a leading cannabis producer, HEXO believes in their corporate social responsibility and how their operations impact the natural and social environment on a local, provincial and national level.


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