Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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blood plasma

Innovative solutions for the rapid cooling of blood plasma

Julian Precht of B Medical Systems shares how the company is creating vital solutions to improve the quality of Fresh Frozen Plasma and its...
anti-inflammatory diet

Cognitive decline potentially mitigated by an anti-inflammatory diet

A study based in Greece has indicated that an anti-inflammatory diet may improve cognitive health, reducing the risk of dementia in later life. The research...
Pilot study finds advantages of whole genome sequencing for children with cancer

Pilot study finds advantages of whole genome sequencing for children with cancer

A study has found that whole genome sequencing can give a more accurate diagnosis or reveal new treatment options for children with cancer. A pilot...

New depression app launched to enhance mental health services

A cutting-edge depression app has just been launched to advance mental health services for individuals with major depression. Developed by the Columbia Psychiatry faculty and...
life expectancy

Life expectancy in England declining long before the COVID-19 pandemic

A study conducted by Imperial College London has revealed that the life expectancy in England had  been falling in many regions of the country...
ACT therapy

ACT therapy enhances decision making of medical professionals

A Swedish study has revealed that ACT therapy enables medical professionals to make more accurate medical assessments. The investigation, led by a team of researchers...
Enhancing the patient experience through innovative TV portal application

Enhancing the patient experience through an innovative TV portal application

There are documented interrelations between patient boredom and their recovery and mental health during an in-patient experience. Boredom in any setting can be a...

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