Best CBD oils to look out for in the UK in 2022

Dr. Hemp Me discusses the thriving CBD market in the UK and the range of CBD oils for men and women.

CBD oils and other forms of CBD products like CBD capsules, for example, have seen a surge in sales within the UK CBD industry due to a lot of positive feedback from CBD users and holistic wellness advocates.

In this article we will explore the best options for a CBD oil tincture in the UK now.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in the UK? 

Thanks to the surge in interest in CBD supplements amongst British men and women of every age, purchasing CBD oil in Britain has never been simpler. From dedicated Cannabidiol stores online to health food shops and, as of late, pharmacies, there are many places to shop for CBD oils and other CBD supplements in Britain today.

The key to buying CBD oil is to do some research first, then pick the right one for you. Check out various brands and testimonials online attached to the brand’s name, Trustpilot is always a reliable source of customer reviews on both product and service.

All reputable CBD brands will have easy access to product laboratory testing reports for customers to view as these are a requirement for CBD food supplement suppliers. Such lab results should detail the concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids in the product. More advanced reports will also include metals and pesticides in their results to assure customers of the use of organic hemp plants.

That is the beauty of buying CBD oil online. You can find these test reports on a company website or request reports through their online chat feature. This is not possible when buying in a pharmacy or health food shop.

Another positive for the purchase of CBD oil online is the hub of CBD experts behind cannabis supplement brands. The people who run these online stores are active CBD users and can share valuable knowledge about supplementing this natural substance.

Our Top Choices in the UK

1 Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me focuses on trust which is why they lab test all their products not only for cannabinoids but metals and chemicals. Transparency is lacking in the CBD industry which is why Dr. Hemp Me is a breath of fresh air.  All labs are available on request from their website.

You really cannot go wrong with their full spectrum CBD oil; coming in four strengths although we recommend starting on the 10% and slowly increasing if needs be. These oils are all-natural and organic and come with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Dr. Hemp Me’s Trustpilot page.

Other popular products on offer are CBD Gummies and capsules which suit those who don’t like the sometimes-strong taste of hemp oil. Gummies come THC free or broad-spectrum, while capsules contain trace amounts (less than 0.2%) of THC content, meaning they are full-spectrum.

Dosing CBD oil and other forms of this natural hemp supplement is easy as the recommended dosage is printed on each product label to guide people at the beginning of their supplementation.

An instant chat feature allows customers, current or future, to ask questions and get a quick response. An informative blog and weekly newsletter option ticks the box for information available on CBD at Dr Hemp Me.

2 CBD Éire

CBD Eire is a one-stop Dublin shop for cold-pressed CBD Oils. An online venture again, this website contains both its own brand of CBD and CBG oils plus CBD vape oils from Meet Harmony for customers to choose from.

Harmony features a massive range of flavour options for people looking to add CBD to their vape pens and is very affordable in terms of cost. All CBD and CBG oils from this company are made using the cold-pressed method of extraction where the plant is juiced or squeezed to obtain the hemp extract.

This method is in contrast to other forms of extraction like that of the CO2 extraction process using solvents. The downside of cold-pressing is that higher concentrations of CBD oil cannot be obtained.

This CBD company, although based in Ireland, sends orders to the UK with no hidden customs costs and a tracked courier service. You can expect to receive your order in 1-3 business days.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is a chemical compound derived from a member of the cannabis plant group, the hemp plant. Also referred to as Cannabidiol, CBD is one of more than 100 compounds found in cannabis plant variations. These compounds are commonly called cannabinoids and have proven to possess many potential health benefits.

Another cannabinoid can be a source of confusion for people as it also occurs in cannabis plants. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the highly psychoactive and potentially toxic cannabinoid found primarily in a variation of the cannabis plant called marijuana. Where men and women become confused is the fact that THC is also present in the hemp plant in very small amounts.

In trace amounts, THC cannot cause any sort of ‘high’ to the user. Therefore, CBD oil in Britain is taken from the non-toxic hemp plant where THC occurs only in tiny amounts. So, now that you know what a cannabinoid is and the difference between them, let’s explain how it all works.

Hemp extract, which contains the CBD cannabinoid, is one of the main ingredients of CBD Oil. The hemp extract needs to be held or housed in a carrier oil for users to then drop the CBD under the tongue. This carrier oil is typically hemp seed oil but can also be MCT oil in some cases.

What does Cannabidiol do & What are the benefits? 

CBD oil is an all-natural food supplement which works by interacting with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant which regulates processes within the body to maintain a state of balance or homeostasis.

In our bodies, there are many systems which work to regulate us internally. One such system, which exists in both human and animals bodies, is the Endocannabinoid System or ECS.

The ECS consists of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids (neurotransmitters) which all work to send signals around the body to maintain or rebalance bodily functions like appetite, stress responses, sleep, and even hormonal responses.

Cannabinoids found in cannabis plants like CBD take on the role as an endocannabinoid or neurotransmitter in the ECS when it is taken as a food supplement. This is how CBD interacts with our bodies and minds and can offer relief to users for several conditions and symptoms.

Customer testimonials feature a variety of claims regarding the potential health benefits and effects of CBD. Some of the reasons for using CBD documented by people are stress, anxiety, sleep issues and metabolism.

Of course, such claims are only of an anecdotal nature and cannot yet be proven as fact until more research study is done on CBD as a potential health treatment.

How does CBD oil make you feel? 

Every person will experience an individual response to CBD supplements. It is not necessarily one size fits all or the same generic response from every person.

CBD makes many people feel more balanced, less stressed and calm. For others, CBD has been claimed to help with focus, motivation, and concentration.

The important thing to note is that CBD oil is a food supplement and so every person will have their own personal tolerance level. Over time, a person will be able to find the best CBD dose for them to make them feel their best.

How to use CBD oil for anxiety in the UK?

In terms of anxiety or worry, CBD is often used by men and women daily to instil calm internally. CBD should be used daily to ensure enough Cannabidiol is built in the body to interact with the Endocannabinoid System.

CBD oil is best taken in the morning,  to begin the day with good momentum and set a person up for a positive day ahead.

How much should I take for anxiety? 

This will vary from person to person as mentioned earlier. People have varying tolerance levels when it comes to any food supplement including CBD. Low to mid-strength CBD products are most suited to those with anxiety, which can be seen from anecdotal evidence and small-scale research studies.

In terms of milligrams, those who wish to try CBD for anxiety  can aim to get 25-35mg per day in their dose. This is a sufficient amount to supplement each day.

How to use CBD oil for pain in the UK? 

CBD has the potential to help with pain as it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Some people choose to drop CBD oil under their tongue daily and others use topical CBD infused ointments to target the pain directly.

One thing worth noting is that it seems high-potency CBD is generally preferred by individuals who are using CBD to tackle pain and inflammation. The oil you drop under your tongue can also be used to rub directly onto the affected area or a CBD cream can be safely used in conjunction with a CBD oil.

Full-spectrum vs broad -spectrum in the UK

If you are new to CBD, you may not know that there are various types of CBD oil which can be purchased in the UK. Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD Isolate are all options for customers to choose from.

Here we will explain the differences between them, which will help you to make the right choice for your circumstances.

What is full-spectrum? 

Full-spectrum CBD oil refers to a product which contains all cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Full-spectrum is created using the whole plant, including important waxes, flavonoids and natural terpenes.

In small quantities, THC acts as a supportive cannabinoid to other cannabinoids in the oil, like CBD or CBG, for example. This supportive network results in the much sought after, Entourage Effect and is regarded as being more beneficial to the user than if the cannabinoids were acting alone.

Full-spectrum CBD oil, although it contains THC, cannot cause any sort of ‘high’ in the user as the legal limit for THC in the UK is less than 0.2%. This type of CBD oil is the most popular option among CBD users.

What is broad-spectrum?

Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant beside one – THC. This type of supplement eliminates the presence of THC and keeps all other cannabinoids to create the finished product.

Some people prefer to have zero THC in their CBD product while others are bound by routine drug tests in their profession which risk showing trace levels of THC in test results. The Entourage Effect can be argued for and against in this instance as THC is not present but other cannabinoids are there to support the work of CBD in the body’s systems.

Hemp CBD Q&A

Q. Are CBD oils legal in the UK?

  1. CBD oil is legal in Britain once it is marketed and sold as a food supplement and contains less than 0.2% THC or none. CBD oil products cannot be sold as medicinal products because they are not recognized as having medicinal benefits.

Laws are in place across the world and differ from country to country. But rest assured,  the UK permits the use of CBD oil supplements with less than 0.2% THC content.

Q. How do I take it?

  1. CBD oil is taken sublingually or under the tongue. Simply fill the provided dropper up with the required dose and drop it into the mouth, under the tongue. Here, the CBD oil should be held by the user under the tongue for at least 90 seconds or more.

This allows maximum absorption of the product. CBD oil works by being absorbed by the gums where it enters the bloodstream, so best to keep it under your tongue for the correct amount of time or as long as you can.

Q. What happens if you swallow the oil? 

  1. Swallowing CBD Oil is fine once you have allowed the product several seconds (90 or more) to absorb into the gums. If you swallow it straight away, you will not get the same effects from Cannabidiol as you would if it is given time to absorb under the tongue.

Swallowing the oil results in the product having to be digested by the body first and then releasing the CBD content. During digestion, it is inevitable that some CBD is lost in the process.

You may feel a burning sensation in the back of your throat which simply means you have not given the oil sufficient time to soak in under the tongue. The harsh taste of hemp can cause your throat to tingle if not given time to absorb it fully.

Q. How does CBD oil work under the tongue? 

  1. CBD oil works under the tongue by soaking into the gums where it then enters the bloodstream. This is the fastest-acting method of taking CBD supplements as the CBD does not have to undergo digestion and little or no product is lost in the process.

Always allow enough time for CBD drops to be absorbed under the tongue before swallowing and you can always take a drink after your supplement is absorbed to eliminate any after-taste in your mouth.

Q. What does CBD oil taste like? 

  1. CBD oil can taste a little bitter and, of course, it tastes just like hemp. Depending on the potency and extraction method of the product, oils can differ in terms of taste.

Many users get used to the taste quickly and hardly notice it after a few days, but for others who are particularly sensitive to taste, it may be best to try out a CBD capsule or CBD Gummies which eliminates the taste element of the supplement.

Do note, however, that capsules and other edibles are slower to act in the body as they must be first digested to release the CBD content inside. You can get flavours of CBD oil too, but be mindful of unnecessary additives in your oil.

Q. How many drops should I take? 

  1. This will completely depend on the product you buy and personal tolerance when it comes to CBD oils. All reputable brands will give guidance in terms of dosage on CBD oil tinctures. It is always best to start here and increase slowly.

It is normal for CBD users to go through some trial and error with dosage at the beginning of their journey, as we all differ in terms of tolerance to food supplements. For example, Dr. Hemp Me UK advises customers to start with 5 drops of their 10% (1000MG) CBD oil to begin with and to increase slowly by 1 drop per week if needed.

Q. When should I take a dose?

  1. CBD oil is best taken in the morning to start the day. CBD must be supplemented daily for the first few weeks like other vitamin supplements as this builds up the supplement in your body and increases effectiveness. One dose a day, either way, is the recommended method of supplementation.

Q. When to take CBD oil for sleep? 

  1. Those who wish to supplement with CBD for sleep reasons are best to take a dose a few hours before bed. Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking CBD right before sleep is not recommended and can have the opposite effect.

Q. How long does it take to work?

  1. CBD is like any other vitamin or mineral food supplement. The use of CBD oil will vary from person to person and so the length of time it takes for it to affect the body or mind will also vary. It is best to consistently take CBD oil doses every day just like you would a multivitamin to ensure it is given the chance to build up in the body and interact with the ECS.

It is important to note that CBD flowers are not legal in the UK currently as these are classed as ‘cannabis’. Take a look at official government links to ensure you are up to date with the law before purchasing.

Q.  What is the strongest CBD Oil I can buy in the UK?

  1. 40% CBD oil is offered by a few brands. However, at this level, the CBD can solidify over time and become difficult for the user to use. Recently, the CBD market has seen a rise in 30% or 3000mg CBD oils for sale, which is the highest strength CBD oil a person can purchase without the risk of the oil solidifying. Check out Dr. Hemp Me’s 30% Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Q. What strength should I choose? 

  1. If you are not sure where to begin, you can always start with a low or mid-strength product and progress from there. As always, companies like Dr Hemp Me UK have instant chat features for customers to use and ask any questions.

Q. Is hemp seed oil the same as CBD oil in the UK? 

  1. Hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD oil. Hemp seed oil comes directly from the seeds of the hemp plant and so does contain the cannabinoid content of CBD oil. Hemp seed oil is used as a carrier oil in many CBD oil products to house the CBD content or hemp extract which contains active cannabinoids.

Q. How much is CBD oil? 

  1. The price of a bottle of CBD oil depends on the size of the bottle, the concentration of CBD in the product and the quality of the brand from which you purchase. On average, a quality 10% CBD oil (1000mg of CBD) is about 45 pounds sterling.

Be wary of products sold for much less than this as you could be getting a sub-standard product or with very little concentration of CBD. Look up reviews online and ask questions before you purchase.

Q. How to vape CBD oil? 

A.CBD oil differs from CBD Vape oil or CBD vape juice as it is also called. Traditional CBD oil sold as drops for use under the tongue cannot be used in a vape pen. The product would burn up as it is not made for use under high temperatures.

That is why, if you wish to vape CBD oil, you need to purchase CBD vape oil and use a suitable vape pen with a lower setting and suitable temperature. Vaping CBD oil is a fast-acting method of supplementing CBD.

Q. Is CBD safe to take every day? 

  1. CBD is perfectly safe to take daily. It is a non-toxic, all-natural supplement which gives most users positive side effects.

Q. How often should I take it? 

  1. CBD oil should be consumed daily at first for at least three weeks to allow the cannabinoids time to build up in your system. After this period, the user can reduce their intake or stick to a daily dose depending on how they feel and what their body reacts best to.

Q. What is the downside? 

  1. According to anecdotal evidence, there is little to complain about when it comes to CBD.

For some users, their tolerance is higher and so may require a stronger dose daily. This like medication can be an investment for many, so make sure to purchase from a brand with a Rewards Programme and a newsletter with discounts weekly.

Some people may experience side effects of taking CBD oil, but this is rare. These could include fatigue, dizziness and indigestion. It is best to reduce your dose or take a break from the supplement if any of these occur.

Q. Will CBD oil show up in a drug test? 

  1. CBD itself is legal and will not be flagged on a drug test, but if the product contains THC, for example, a full-spectrum product, then it cannot be guaranteed that trace levels will not appear in the results of a drug test.
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