Cocaine contaminant, levamisole, may cause brain damage

Cocaine contaminant, levamisole, may cause brain damage
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Individuals who regularly take the cocaine contaminant, levamisole, demonstrate impaired cognitive performance & a thinned prefrontal cortex.

Recent findings from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, indicate that those who take cocaine cut with the animal anti-worming agent, levamisole, could experience a toxic effect on the brain. Therefore, as argued by the researchers, programs that are checking drugs such as the cocaine contaminant, levamisole, should be expanded.

The world of cocaine

Cocaine is the second-most commonly consumed illegal substance worldwide after cannabis. The cocaine sold is typically cut with other substances such as local anaesthetic agents, painkillers and caffeine. However, around 10 years ago, a new adulterant made an appearance which is now widely spread in street cocaine across Europe and North America, this being the animal anti-worming agent levamisole.

Although it is not fully understood why levamisole is added to cocaine, it is assumed that the cocaine contaminant may increase or prolong the effects of cocaine.

What do you know about the cocaine contaminant?

Levamisole can lead to severe side effects such as changes to blood counts and blood vessels. Initial animal testing also discovered that the substance can attack the nervous system.

Researchers from the Psychiatric Hospital and the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, have now discovered the extent to which the common cutting agent impairs the cognitive performance and modifies the structure of the brain for those who consume it, in turn increasing the typical adverse effects of cocaine on the brain.

The effects of levamisole

To estimate the consumption of cocaine and the amount of levamisole content, the scientists analysed hair samples of their study participants. Based on this, they examined the cognitive performance of those who had taken cocaine with a high levamisole content and those who had taken cocaine with a low levamisole content and compared the results with a control group who had not taken cocaine.

As expected, the cocaine users showed lower performance than non-users in all areas – attention, working memory, long-term memory, and executive functions. However, those who had consumed cocaine that also contained a high level of levamisole showed even greater impairment in their executive functions than those who consumed cocaine with lower levels of levamisole, even though the level of cocaine consumed was the same.

In an alternative, independent study, the researchers used MRI to find out whether there was also a difference in the brain anatomy of people who consumed cocaine containing a higher or lower proportion of levamisole. The same effect was seen in this study: individuals who consumed cocaine with a high levamisole content evidently displayed a thinner prefrontal cortex.

Boris Quednow, research leader of the study explains: “We can assume from our findings that it is not just cocaine that changes the brain, but that the adulterant levamisole has an additional harmful effect.

“The sorts of cognitive impairment often exhibited by cocaine users may therefore be exacerbated by levamisole.”

The UZH professor and his research colleagues are therefore calling for public health protection authorities to expand their drug-checking programs

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  1. “It is not fully known why levamisole is added to cocaine”

    It’s surprising how no one has figured this out— cocaine is derived from a plant, cocaine has addictive qualities which attract city dwellers, sewer rats, and here’s the punch; cocaine eating worms!
    These tiny nearly invisible to the naked eye worms eat cocaine faster than a human can consume it! I have video proof of these tiny white worms — about the size of a baby eye lash, even less, also white so very hard to distinguish from the powder— however they seem to be immune to sources of heat, as when cocaine is cooked into crack and even smoked they still remain alive! What immobilizes then is very strong light, not heat, bright light.

    Now here’s the mistake the whole world is making about levamisole— levamisole is a chemical drug used to decontaminate the cocaine from these tiny worms. If levamisole is not present, the worms devour all particles of cocaine and leave behind nothing but the rest of what may be cut, soda, etc etc.

    HERES THE PROBLEM: there little worms are so hungry for cocaine that once ingested in the human system whether by snorting or smoking, they immediately begin their search for any stores of cocaine In the human body. Essentially they are cocaine parasites and they thrive In a dark places such as the human body, however they will only chose to inhabit a host who actively consumes cocaine. The cocaine deposits in skin tissues, muscle fibres, and even the follicles of our hair— the consequence is that these parasites will eat away at any cells containing traces of cocaine and as result the flesh will rot and the hair fill begin to thin and fallout. The people who suffer from flesh eating cocaine side effects are if anything alive thanks to levamisole! Levamisole is essential in preventing these parasites from hosting the human body stores of cocaine… please spread this correct information as it is apparent no one understand why levamisole is added to cocaine? Look closer! It has little to do with its amphetamine like effects, and a lot to do with protecting a product that is costly To produce and risky to manage and No one wants to see some of the most lucrative drug in demand disappear Into the microscopic mouths of these greedy worms.
    Sincerely, a cocaine user who has video proof of these parasitic worms devouring a full gram of crack cocaine In under 30 minutes, leaving nothing behind but soda residue. Who can blame them? Yes cocaine is addictive, but no one goes through the trouble to have it eaten by worms, and much less have their own flesh eaten by these impossibly horrific fiends.. how is it that no one took notice of this fact?? It’s so simple to write articles but now the whole medical world is under the assumption that people’s flesh is rotting because of the levamisole -NO ITS THESE PARASITES WHICH EAT AWAY HUMAN FLESH CONTAINING STORES OF COCAINE! Please spread this info.
    It may save lives and it may help the medical world understand such incidents of rotting flesh In a new way!

  2. He’s lost his mind … obviously on level 9 when thinking he solved it!
    I’ll give him his due, at least he has a little brain cell althats why he’s losing it


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