EU consultation on the direction of research funding for future health systems?

EU consultation on the direction of research funding for future health systems?
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Discover the TO-REACH project, which aims to prepare a joint European research programme to support health services & systems – could this be the direction needed for future health systems?

TO-REACH, Transfer of Organisational innovations for Resilient, Effective, equitable, Accessible, sustainable and Comprehensive Health Services and Systems, aims to prepare a joint European research programme to support the world of health services and systems so that they become more resilient, effective, equitable, accessible, sustainable and comprehensive in Europe and elsewhere.

In order to reach their objective, the TO-REACH consortium has developed a Strategic Research Agenda for health services and systems research in Europe and is now inviting key stakeholders to comment on its contents and objectives.

Discover the Strategic Research Agenda

The TO-REACH Consortium is pleased to share its draft Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The SRA has the ambition to address the increasing challenges faced by health systems, directed to those research areas of major relevance in the coming years. The agenda provides a European strategy designed to advance knowledge and understanding of the adoption, implementation and potential scale-up of service and policy innovations, and their translation to other settings within and across countries.

The TO-REACH SRA objectives

The document was informed by systematic analysis of priority challenges for service and policy innovations to strengthen health systems as recognised from policy documents as well as through consultation round tables within Member States and a Europe-wide stakeholder survey, along with a review of the relevant academic literature.

The Strategic Research Agenda will be followed by additional materials and initiatives targeting different stakeholders.

An online consultation is also to be launched on its Strategic Research Agenda. The aim of the consultation is to gather inputs on the document from a wide range of stakeholders both at national and European level to move towards the development of a future EU joint research programme on health services and health systems research.

Supporting the advancement of future health systems

Health is a sector driven by continuous innovation. The research challenges identified through the TO-REACH project can only represent a starting point and a snapshot at this moment in time. Nevertheless, never as much as today do health systems recognise the need for innovation to establish service and policy reforms.

The results of the online consultation will essentially support both the advancement of the Strategic Research Agenda of TO REACH and the preparation of a future EU Joint Research Programme.

The consultation will be open until 28th June 2019.

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