Healthtech device for locked-in syndrome patients now offered by NHS Supply Chain

Healthtech device for those with locked-in syndrome now offered by NHS Supply Chan
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Patients with locked-in syndrome can now receive a breakthrough AI-powered healthtech device available through the NHS Supply Chain.

EyeControl have developed a ground-breaking communication device for those with locked-in syndrome. Being the world’s first AI powered, wearable eye tracking healthtech device, the gear enables 24/7 immediate communication, both for emergency and social purposes.

A breakthrough for locked-in syndrome patients

The healthtech device comprises of a head-mounted infrared camera monitoring the eye movements of a wearer and interprets it into audio communication via a speaker.

A bone conduction element that sits within the earpiece provides audio feedback to the user, allowing them to hear the communication before it is sent to the output speaker.

The wearer can use predefined sentences or teach the EyeControl their own personalised syntax, as well as choose from a range of output languages, moreover the device features Bluetooth wireless technology and works without a screen.

The learning curve is extraordinarily simple, with patients able to easily use the device within 20 minutes.

Or Retzkin, CEO of EyeControl explains: “We’re thrilled to be officially working with the NHS to enable patients to once again communicate with their loved ones and carers in a simple, intuitive, and innovative way.”

Does the device work?

Having recently tested the healthtech device, Helen Paterson, speech therapist at The Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability, UK, describes her experience: “For me as a speech and language therapist, working with people face-to-face, it’s really important that we have a system that’s easy to set up, that’s flexible and can be edited and adapted for each patient by the user, but also therapists.”

“The EyeControl is a great, easy to set up system and it can be set up easily and simply. It’s also very easy to demonstrate how the device works to other carers.”

A mission to provide a voice

Powered by AI technology, the healthtech device is designed to provide a voice to the voiceless.

The EyeControl is a revolutionary communication device created for individuals with locked-in syndrome; a condition whereby patients have full cognitive ability but are unable to move or speak.

It is intended for individuals suffering from ALS, Motor Neuron Diseases (MND), stroke and traumatic brain injury, which reduce communication to become nearly impossible.

Retzkin concludes: “We’re excited to deliver the first devices to patients at the end of this year and look forward to seeing our device transform the lives of locked-in patients in the UK, as well as their family and carers.”

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  1. How can I investigate this for a friend who has a progressive and debilitating disease, Corticobasal Syndrome, and is unable to vocalize coherently or write anymore. I would greatly appreciate your guidance.


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