The wonders of holistic wellbeing

Health Europa is excited to introduce our latest eBook on holistic wellbeing, exploring the wonders and impact of how mind, body and lifestyle influence overall health.

Eating healthily, exercising and avoiding smoking are three key pillars often cited as part of the blueprint for wellbeing. Yet, when it comes to mitigating the risk of chronic conditions, is enough attention, or indeed incentive, given to help society understand how much impact different aspects of lifestyle can have?

In this special eBook on holistic wellbeing, we examine the vital roles of nutrition to sleep and learn about the challenges associated with prescriptive healthcare recommendations. Developing a solid evidence base and disseminating information to support the prevention and treatment of chronic disease is part of the remit of The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. We speak to Executive Director, Dr Fraser Quin who advocates the acknowledgment of lifestyle medicine principles alongside conventional medical practices.

How did you sleep last night? According to Lisa Artis of The Sleep Charity, we should be checking in with how we are sleeping about twice a year. This is because our sleep can often reflect our physical or emotional state, and it is therefore important to unpick any habits we have developed around it. Diet can also influence the way we sleep, as well as the health of our skin. We speak to nutritional therapist, Tamla Anderson about the connection between our gut health and chronic skin conditions like eczema.

Elsewhere, we look at the power of food as medicine with Dr Sean Owens, co-founder of Plant-Based Doctors Ireland. Accompanying this article is a fascinating interview with Maria Åberg and Malin Henriksson of the University of Gothenburg who discuss their study which explored the ways exercise can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

I hope you find the following pages as informative and insightful as I have in their collation, and should you have any suggestions for topics we should cover please let us know by emailing


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