Defence Therapeutics’ ARM vaccine cures 100% of solid tumours in rodent models

ARM vaccine
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Defence Therapeutics has revealed that the company’s cutting-edge ARM vaccine cures 100% of tumours in rodent models.

The leading biopharmaceutical company revealed that performing a pre-clinical study evaluating the therapeutic potency of a second-generation ARM vaccine highlighted its effectiveness at treating solid tumours in mice with pre-established lymphoma.

AccumTM technology unlocks the potential of the ARM Vaccine

AccumTM technology holds a promising future with its versatile application in developing various products. AccumTM acts as an endosomal-damaging agent capable of enhancing bio-drug accumulation in target cells.

The AccumTM molecule can be modulated to generate a series of variants exhibiting novel and, sometimes, unexpected pharmacological properties.

For example, the Accum variant A1, when admixed with antigens, can cause protein aggregation and activate various stress responses in mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), converting them to potent antigen-presenting cells.

The Defence team recently engineered a new dimer form of A1, named the A1-2 variant, which, when used to stimulate MSCs, cures all treated mice with pre-established lymphoma.

These amazing results were obtained using a dose equivalent to only 40% of the initial A1 dose used to generate the ARM vaccine.

Sébastien Plouffe, CEO of Defence Therapeutics, commented: “This is a major achievement in our ARM vaccine program as we reached three major milestones: easiness of A1-2 manufacturing, improved stability, and an optimisation with a 60% decrease in the dose needed to produce the second-generation ARM vaccine.”

Dry runs planned to launch Phase I trial

Defence has recently initiated the dry runs required by Health Canada to validate its GMP manufacturing steps required before launching its Phase I trial.

With these runs expected to be completed this summer, Defence intends to submit its CTA application in Q3 of 2023.

Dr Rafei, the VP of research and development of Defence Therapeutics, concluded: “These dry runs, along with all required quality control steps, are central to obtaining approval for our Phase I trial targeting solid tumours.

“This exciting therapeutic against pre-established lymphoma is cost-effective and easy to manufacture. Defence’s A1-2 dimer establishes and retains astonishing therapeutic potency.”

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