Defence Therapeutics: Optimising drug efficacy with AccumTM technology

Health Europa is excited to introduce the latest captivating eBook from industry pioneers of the biotechnology sector, Defence Therapeutics, who comprehensively elucidate their revolutionary technology that enhances biological drug efficacy.

Founded in 2017, Canadian biotechnology experts Defence Therapeutics set out on an endeavour to remedy one of the most paramount issues in modern medicine, endosome-lysosome entrapment mitigating biological drug efficacy. To combat this issue, the world-leading experts at Defence Therapeutics created its flagship biological drug enhancer platform called AccumTM, a cutting-edge advancement with the potential to transform future treatment for a plethora of cancers and infectious diseases.

By employing the framework of AccumTM, Defence is currently working on developing a range of next-generation vaccines, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and anti-cancer small molecule therapeutics.

Boosting drug efficacy with AccumTM

The AccumTM platform boosts drug efficacy by elevating the intracellular delivery of biological therapeutic agents via promoting the cargo escape to the cytosol, which significantly improves its effectiveness.

In addition, despite biological drugs often having a limited scope of use due to being specifically designed for a particular indication, AccumTM is exceptionally versatile, meaning it can attach to a wide variety of molecules to heighten drug efficacy. The drug enhancer technology can currently be tagged on ADCs, protein antigens, DNA/RNA vaccines, and anti-cancer therapeutics.

Oncology and infectious disease programmes

The impressive flexibility of the AccumTM technology is highlighted by the incredibly vast cancer and infectious disease programmes currently being performed by the company. With regards to oncology, Defence therapeutics is presently developing anti-cancer DC-based vaccines, improving the performance of the FDA approved Kadcyla ADC to kill metastatic and gastric cancer cells, and creating a range of anti-cancer agents to combat various forms of the disease.

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still reverberating around the world, causing catastrophic outcomes for the public and health systems. Defence Therapeutics looks to eliminate this age of infection with its infectious disease programme, for which the AccumTM technology is being utilised to develop a protein-based COVID vaccine. The innovative programme is also initiating the creation of a novel anti-HPV vaccine to treat cervical cancers.


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