Defence Therapeutics prepares to test its DC cancer vaccine against melanoma

cancer vaccine
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Defence Therapeutics is finalising all required steps in preparation for a pre-IND meeting to initiate a phase I trial against melanoma using its DC cancer vaccine candidate AccuVAC-D002.

Defence has successfully exploited the use of its AccumTM technology platform to develop a large pipeline of products in immune-oncology and infectious diseases. Amongst its lead products is AccuVAC-D002, a DC-based cancer vaccine engineered to treat melanoma.

The AccumTM technology platform is very efficient at enhancing intracellular delivery of proteins of pharmacological interests such as ADCs or vaccine antigens. Defence’s scientific team recently identified a novel function for the use of “free” AccumTM and its recently developed variants as anti-cancer molecules.

Sébastien Plouffe, the CEO of Defence Therapeutics, said: “We have successfully moved our product pipeline forward and developed various cancer vaccines, including AccuVAC-D002. With the synopsis in hand, we are actively working with a large established CRO in the USA to identify and set-up the site for our Phase I against melanoma in the first half of 2022.”

Defence Therapeutics has antibody-drug conjugates and vaccines in late-stage pre-clinical development and undergoing GLP studies. With two DC cancer vaccines (AccuVAC-D001 and D002) undergoing manufacturing in clean rooms, Defence is most likely to initiate its Phase I trials in Q1/Q2 of 2022.


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