Endopure: effecting change and why we must work together

Endopure: effecting change and why we must work together
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Endopure would like to hear your opinion to drive innovation and data collection in the CBD industry.

I started writing this article from the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal while attending the second stop of the Portugal Medical Conference 2019. The conference was attended by doctors, researchers, patients, parents, caregivers and businesses.

Our team had been in Portugal for over two weeks and words don’t do this amazing country justice. The people are warm, friendly and generous. The business community is smart, hardworking and ethical. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

As Endopure were tasked with writing an introductory article to be published in the first Medical Cannabis Network issue, we were wondering how to introduce ourselves to Europe.

We met many parents and caregivers and listened to their stories and it reminded us so much of our experience in Brazil. The same urgency and need for access to CBD to help a loved one was palpable, and we knew this problem of access was worldwide.

While attending the Portugal Medical Conference 2019, we listened to many presentations led by doctors and researchers from around the world. We were extremely impressed with their passion, energy and dogged determination to utilise what they discovered from various trials and real life experiences and arrive at a solution for various ailments.

We heard them. Do no harm. No one has ever died from CBD. Test and measure efficacy. Slide after slide. Some data appeared convincing beyond a reasonable doubt. Other slides required more study. But there appeared to be many positive findings as it relates to addressing various patient issues which emphasised the need for more study and expanded research to ensure cannabinoids will reach their full potential as a therapeutic treatment in human healthcare.

Collecting data

As I listened, it occurred to me that it would be extremely effective to aggregate everyone’s experiences into one set of data and create one unified voice — a voice that should hasten the ability to legally obtain safe medicinal CBD from credible regulatory compliant manufacturers providing access to safe CBD globally.

Endopure do know a bit about this approach: www.peopleofcbd.com.

With your help, Endopure can scale your stories from all over the world. What a powerful resource for all to use as they see fit.

This call to action is not scientific. It does not control variables like dosing, stability and other material drug interactions. But it would give power and focus to all of our voices. Millions of voices. While the doctors and researchers continue their amazing research, we continue to use CBD to improve our daily lives as well as the lives of our children, family and friends.

So, Endopure want to hear your story. We want to hear how cannabidiol (CBD) changed your life. We want to effect change. We want to utilise the power of all of our stories and collectively use one voice to bring quality, consistency, and safe (pharmaceutical) CBD to everyone.

Your headaches, chronic pain, seizures, anxiety and other life altering symptoms are all being treated around the world by doctors, caregivers and family. Routine prescriptions sometimes do little to alleviate many of these symptoms as you’ve seen first-hand. You should be allowed the opportunity to give pure CBD a chance at addressing your ailments.

Endopure are suggesting a comprehensive worldwide collection of all of our stories, aggregated into one place—think a living, breathing white paper. One platform holding a vast data set of real life efficacy. One platform available for all to use. To use as a resource. To use in conjunction with clinical trials.

A scientific approach

Endopure’s approach will be scientific:

  • Problem: limited or no access to pharmaceutical grade CBD. Regulatory approval process not optimised for plant based drug approvals;
  • Question: can aggregate real life stories from around the world into one powerful resource compiled and returned with quantitative facts?;
  • Hypothesis: a quantified large data set of experiences will hasten regulatory approvals for the purchase and distribution of pharmaceutical grade CBD to help people. People = Constituents = Votes;
  • Experiment: ask for real life stories of how CBD has helped with certain symptoms and how that has affected your life;
  • Observations: read your stories, learn, enter data and apply analytics to organise findings. Apply that data to influencers, organisations and regulatory agencies that can help create change; and
  • Conclusion: experiences people constituents votes.

Our goal is simple. Aggregate and quantify the healing powers of CBD that people experience every day. At the same time, we are aware that we utilise an unstable plant that never looks the same and produces different amounts of CBD in each branch and flower.

There are bio availability issues. It’s grown in a non-clean room environment. But even with these observations, we know it helps your wife lessen the pain in her arthritic neck, your mother in law with rheumatoid arthritis can sleep through the night without pain in her hands, your family can go out to lunch and a park without the worry of a child’s outburst and you can sleep through the night. We experience, hear about and see these real life examples every day.

Our mission rivals Don Quixote’s in that it’s both idealistic and realistic. Our windmill is regulation and stigma. Though they are not imaginary, we can use education, data and voices to transform our windmills. And we are not singular. We have millions of ‘Dons’ seeing the same thing — it’s our reality.

We want to hear and see all of your stories. We want to read them, learn from them, analyse them and return the results for everyone to see. These stories are in stark contrast to anecdotal studies, unofficial studies, clinical trials or idealistic studies. Instead, these stories are your reality.

So, what does all this have to do with our company, EndoPure? We are a company that is helping people in Brazil. We help people by providing doctors access to 1Pure, our CBD formulations that helped many people with seizures, pain, sleep disorders and behavioural issues. Brazilian doctors prescribe our CBD products to help patients experience better lives.

We plan to initiate a clinical trial in the first quarter of 2020 in Brazil, we have years of our own experience helping patients in Brazil. It’s real. We’ve seen it. We’ve heard it.

Pharma grade CBD oil

We are very excited to be able to continue producing a pharma grade CBD oil. For this reason, we are building an INFARMED compliant pharmaceutical cGMP extraction facility and DNA sequencing lab in Nelas, Portugal. We are grateful to have an incredibly supportive EU 2020 consultant and the support of a passionate and results-oriented Mayor of Nelas.

A community orientated ecosystem

We are also excited to help build a community oriented ecosystem that benefits everyone—from licensed growers, to professional service providers and the entire local economy, we want to see the entire region prosper.

So, what inspired turning all of our voices into one single incredible and powerful force of energy? It was an article about Heliogen, a Bill Gates backed startup that I read while in Portugal. Bill Gates, Paul Allen and other Seattle, Washington visionaries are incredibly creative while applying their fortunes to both philanthropic and life changing initiatives. I know as I was fortunate to have followed the two Microsoft founders for decades.

As Andrew Liszewski writes in Gizmodo, Heliogen wants to use its: ‘Advanced computer vision software’ to ‘hyper-accurately align a large array of mirrors to reflect sunlight to a single target’, according to an official release on BusinessWire.

Its approach to harvesting the sun’s energy is similar to what existing solar plants use, but with a team that includes scientists and engineers hailing from MIT, Caltech, and other research institutes, the startup plans to harness the power of artificial intelligence to radically improve the efficiency and performance of these facilities.

The details of how exactly Heliogen is incorporating AI into its infrastructure is a little vague at the moment—presumably because it’s the startups secret sauce—but ‘advanced computer vision software’ will be used to ‘hyper-accurately align a large array of mirrors to reflectsunlight to a single target,’ according to an official release on BusinessWire.

The more precisely the reflected sunlight from each mirror can be aligned and stacked, the higher the temperatures can be generated, and with its current technology, Heliogen believes that’s well over 1,000 degrees Celsius. But temperatures that intense aren’t only useful for creating molten salt, that’s also the temperature range needed to manufacture commodities like steel and cement, as well as other industrial applications that currently account for roughly 75% of the energy demand that’s keeping fossil fuel production running, and that also accounts for a fifth of all harmful emissions.

So, by hyper accurately aligning multiple sources of energy sourced from separate solar panels onto a single target, you can create an incredible multiplier effect. And so, by hyper accurately aligning multiple voices sourced from separate people onto a single target, you can create an incredible multiplier effect.

Turn our voices into one single voice and share the results. Use the multiplier effect on the clarion call for action on the use of pharma grade CBD for medicinal use. This doesn’t preclude regulatory supervision and compliance; in fact, we welcome and need it. Safe, consistent stability and delivery of approved medicines benefits everyone—patients, doctors and industry. Our single voice is only to help speed up the process.

Tell your CBD story

Our EndoPure team initially came to Portugal for a European offsite, to attend two Portugal Medical Cannabis 2019 conferences and celebrate our new facility being built in Portugal. We left Portugal thinking why we can’t utilise the same science as Heliogen and aim all of our voices at one point and affect change? We can. Please tell us your story.

With interest, please share your story here. Also, please specify opt in if you’d like to share your contact information and story data (gender, symptom, CBD program, result).

The EndoPure Team

This article will appear in the first issue of Medical Cannabis Network which will be out in January. Click here to subscribe.


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