The Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders Summit 2018

The Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders Summit 2018

Leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide are gathering for the Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders Summit 2018. We provide an overview of the event.

In its 5th year, the Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders Summit is taking place on September 13-14, 2018 in Munich, Germany, and will provide a forum to network, learn and engage with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies from across the globe.

The event will focus on:

  • R&D strategies
  • Biomarker development
  • Immuno-oncology,
  • CDx development and AI and
  • Big data analysis and approaches.

There will be over 30 presentations which will provide experts with an exceptional environment so people can debate key issues.

Who will be attending the Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders Summit?
Some of the key speakers for the event include:

  • Founding Director of New Medicine Partners, Richard Barker
  • Global Head of Diagnostic Innovation, Research and Early Development, and Lab Operation at Johnson & Johnson, Yiu-Liang Fong
  • Katherine Call, Senior Director & Head of Proteogenomics Translational Sciences at Sanofi and
  • VP Global Head of Companion Diagnostics at AstraZeneca, Thorsten Gutjahr.
    All of the speakers attending will be examining topics such as diagnostic innovations, translational biomarkers and precision medicine as a patient-centric approach.

What’s new for this years’ summit?

Following the success of the expert-led roundtable discussions at 2017’s Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders Summit, the number of these has doubled for 2018. A plethora of topics will be considered, including:

  • Utilising AI for precision medicine
  • Personalised medicine and adverse events,
  • Microbiome research for precision medicine
  • Advancing liquid biopsy to the clinic,
  • Cardio-metabolic precision medicine and
  • The tumour mutation burden.

How can you get involved?

With Health Europa being a media partner to the event, subscribers to our newsletter are being offered a complimentary ticket* to attend. Simply enter jw/pmc18/100 at the checkout.

To book your place, click here.

*All offers are aimed at standard delegate registrations. Solution Provider companies (technology and software providers/suppliers, consultants, CROs etc.) please contact on +44 (0) 1865 849 841 before registering.


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