Austrian MPS Society’s Therapy Week

Mucopolysaccharidosis are a group of rare, inherited, and incurable diseases, and MPS Society Austria aims to help people and families living with these diseases every day.

The Mucopolysaccharidosis diseases are caused by disorders in the metabolism of the lysosomes of each cell. Families and patients living with these conditions are often under immense pressure and stress due to the reduced quality of life that comes with the disorders.

MPS Austria want to help make these families lives easier and every year the charity holds the annual Therapy Week. The charity aims to support these families with the therapy week by giving them a change of scenery and respite from the challenged of the daily MPS routine.

MPS Annual Therapy Week during COVID-19

This year the 19th MPS Austria Annual Therapy Week took place during the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been putting more pressure on MPS families than ever before. COVID-19 poses a high risk to MPS patients due to their comorbidity – however, the Therapy Week was able to go ahead towards the end of the summer, when patients and families were able to enjoy water therapy sessions and activities whilst observing social distancing rules.

MPS Therapies to support patients

A total of 15 therapists took part in Therapy Week, offering treatments including hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in order to improve the mobility of patients, as MPS is a disorder of the connective tissues leading to reduced mobility.

Individually selectable therapy programmes were also offered to help relieve pain and improve mobility including massage, craniosacral therapy, osteopathy, Feldenkrais, dog-assisted therapy, and group therapies such as back exercises, creative workshops, and Nordic walking.

Find out more about Mucopolysaccharidosis and the MPS Austria Annual Therapy Week in this eBook.


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